Midc2020 millet developer conference the latest technology of telescopic large aperture lens

On November 5, 2020, Xiaomi successfully held midc2020 developer conference. With the theme of “science and technology of life”, the conference showed Xiaomi’s major breakthroughs in camera, screen, charging, AI, IOT, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. The three-day conference presented Xiaomi’s cutting-edge science and technology through 1 main forum, 1 security summit and 15 sub forum activities. Through the most direct dialogue with thousands of developers, we will work together to create a better intelligent life for everyone. During midc2020, Zeng Xuezhong, vice president of Xiaomi group and President of mobile phone department, also brought the latest preliminary research results of Xiaomi mobile phone in camera function. In recent years, camera image quality has always been one of the important performance of mobile phone manufacturers. Inspired by the traditional camera design, Xiaomi brings the latest self-developed, telescopic large aperture lens technology. In terms of structure, it adopts the vertical telescopic optical design, which can be easily stored in the mobile phone through the telescopic structure, that is to say, it can be opened when it is used, and the telescopic view is far away. < / P > < p > at the same time, compared with the existing camera structure, the vertical telescopic camera has a larger aperture to ensure sufficient light input, and has better effects in portrait photography, night photography and other scenes. Telescopic camera technology has two major characteristics. First, it has a large aperture, and the light input is increased by 300%. Taking pictures of people and taking dark light environment can bring outstanding effects. Second, the introduction of a new anti shake technology, compared with the traditional anti shake mirror group scheme, has a larger anti shake angle, more stable picture, and 20% higher definition. < p > < p > in the past decade, Xiaomi has always insisted on taking users as the center in every technological innovation, so as to make the life of users better. In the future, Xiaomi will continue to integrate these professional imaging technologies into mobile phone photography, lower the threshold of professional photography, serve hundreds of millions of mobile phone users around the world, and drive Xiaomi images to make continuous self breakthroughs. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo