Misunderstanding of Photography: more focus, better

It’s normal for people to have this question. After all, when a new camera is released, it will say how many focus points it has, dozens or hundreds of focus points and so on. This will lead many people to think that the more the camera focuses, the better, the more accurate the focus will be. < / P > < p > in fact, the more the focus of the camera, the greater the recognition range of the auto focusing system, and the more favorable it is for shooting moving objects. But the number of focus is not necessarily the more the better, depending on the subject matter. < / P > < p > this is the most commonly used one, that is, half press the shutter camera to focus automatically. Generally, the default focus is the center point. If you don’t want the center point as the focus, you can re select a focus < / P > < p > extended focus will appear in the case of continuous focus af-c. the straight white point is that you focus an object continuously, and the focus you select focuses on the object. The camera will activate several focus points around this point at the same time, thus forming a focus group When the subject leaves the focus of your choice, the surrounding focus will keep up with the focus. < / P > < p > is a small piece of focus, focus together, see that can be on. But you don’t think that you can focus all the images with the area focus, because the objects in the image are messy and not in a focal plane, and the focus is often not what you want. < / P > < p > generally speaking, most people choose “AF-S + single point auto focus” in their daily shooting, while “af-c + extended focus” in shooting moving objects. < / P > < p > the above is the choice of focus mode. I think we all have to understand the knowledge of focus selection to understand why the more the focus, the better. < / P > < p > I answered at the beginning of the article, now let’s elaborate. Regardless of the actual situation, the more focus the camera has, the better. Regardless of the actual situation, the more focus the camera has, the better. < / P > < p > for most photography enthusiasts, the subjects of shooting are mostly daily life, scenery and other subjects. Most of these subjects are immobile. Just use one point with a single auto focus. If you fully open dozens of focus points of the camera, the point on the camera may not be what you want. Sometimes it will go to other places. It’s better to use a single point of focus. < / P > < p > but it works when shooting moving objects with more focus. For example, when shooting birds, single point focusing is certainly difficult. But with multiple focus, in continuous auto focus mode, you just need to make sure that the bird is within the focus coverage. The camera will automatically track the bird, and then automatically switch the focus. Older posts →