Mobile app stealing privacy can not be ignored

Original title: mobile app stealing privacy can not be ignored

According to news reports, recently some netizens found that many apps installed on their mobile phones frequently self start, visit and read mobile phone information. One of the mobile teaching software has visited mobile phone photos and files nearly 25000 times in more than ten minutes, and the other office software has tried to start up nearly 7000 times in an hour.

Mobile app stealing privacy or excessive collection of user information is no longer a new problem. Under the background that smart phones have become the necessities of people’s work and life, people’s deep dependence on smart phones determines that they have become people’s personal belongings. Carry mobile phones at work and meetings, travel at home and even put them at the head of the bed during rest. So, once some apps ignore users’ rights and interests and pry and collect users’ privacy at will, consumers will have no sense of privacy and security and become “streakers” who are prying at will. As a result, smart phones, which are supposed to improve the quality and convenience of life, may become manipulated “broilers”. People have every reason to worry that the private chat content in work and life will be secretly recorded and stolen, the pictures during sleep and rest will be recorded and spread, and the photos in mobile phone photo albums will be uploaded and spread. You know, these privacy are more intuitive, more private, more graphic, and the consequences of disclosure are more serious.

For many people, the consequences of stealing thousands of yuan may not be great, and once the privacy in the mobile phone is stolen, it may bring serious mental injury and psychological torture. The use of advanced technology to steal user privacy, so that vulnerable users have no power to resist, can only be at their disposal, unless they abandon the smart phone, return to the “elderly machine” era.

When the evil app is more terrible and more difficult to prevent than the real thieves, we can not only rely on the weak consumers to resist, let alone rely on the conscience of the app developers and operators. According to relevant regulations, app shall not open functions such as collecting geographical location, reading address book, using camera, enabling recording, etc. without express and consent to users, and shall not open functions unrelated to service, otherwise it will be taken off shelves. According to the network security law, anyone who infringes personal information can be fined up to 1 million yuan, ordered to suspend business for rectification, shut down the website, and revoke his license. According to the criminal law and judicial interpretation, the illegal acquisition of more than 50 pieces of information, such as track and communication content, or more than 5000 pieces of other information, may constitute the crime of infringing citizens’ personal information.

In the information age, protecting citizens’ privacy is no less important than protecting citizens’ property security. The regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies should act actively, respond scientifically and properly. Such as the implementation of mandatory standards and prior review system, do not meet the privacy protection standards can not be put on the market. We should strengthen monitoring, remove and block illegal apps in time, and investigate the administrative and even criminal responsibilities of developers and app stores.

(editor in chief: Yang Yubo and LV Qian)