Mobile phone best photography partner! Smart cloud smooth-xs unlock stabilizer

On September 3, smart cloud smooth-xs mobile phone smart PTZ was officially released. Inheriting the popular gene of the previous generation of products with light weight and high appearance value, simple shooting and combination of software and hardware, the smart cloud smooth-xs released this time can better meet the shooting needs of young users in the 5g video era, and once again bring high cost performance benchmarking products to the mobile phone stabilizer Market. < / P > < p > with the ingenious technology of Zhiyun, smooth-xs is not only good-looking, but also portable and easy to use. Under the fashionable streamline line, the whole machine has two colors: bright moon white and Aurora powder. Innovative sliding cover storage design, not only allows users to put in the pocket or bag for light travel, stretching out can clamp the mobile phone to start shooting, without too much cumbersome operation can be handy. The gradual anti-skid pattern at the back and the exquisite arc design on the handle not only have the anti-skid effect, but also are very comfortable to hold. It won’t feel tired when working under the lightweight fuselage for a long time. < / P > < p > Zhiyun smooth-xs not only provides a stable shooting experience for the mobile phone, but also can unlock more functions after successfully pairing the mobile phone. In the face of the mainstream vertical screen short video form, Zhiyun smooth-xs can turn on vertical screen shooting with one button, allowing you to shoot mobile phone video with full network feeling in minutes, without the need for tedious leveling like traditional mobile phone stabilizer. In addition, smooth-xs also adds gesture mode. No matter how far or near, as long as the viewfinder recognizes the gesture, it can immediately start the shooting command, so that you can no longer miss the beautiful moment by clicking the shutter. It is worth mentioning that smoothx-xs also has a self timer bar mode. With the help of 260mm extension rod design, you will never have to ask for a person to take a party selfie. Even in vlog video selfie mode, you can find the best angle to shoot. The software of < THP > is the best in cloud platform. It not only supports the control of the original camera shooting, but also compatible with the mainstream self shooting software of Meitu, which is paid attention to by female users. Under the beauty mode, the female students are better. In addition to panoramic, slow motion, time-lapse photography and intelligent focus tracking, the mobile phone has installed ZY Cami software at home. In the smart mode, thanks to the help of the “shadow app” algorithm, the mobile phone can edit the video materials taken by oneself with one click, and when the “cloud editing” mode is opened, the static photos can be passed through AI in the software The algorithm is converted into dynamic picture. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that ZY Cami also adds Hitchcock mode, which can meet the needs of various special effects under dynamic zoom. For users with live broadcast, Kwai Yun has also opened up live broadcast and RTMP live interface, which fully supports mobile phone’s running of live broadcast software in vertical mode. What’s more, Zhiyun also matches different software theme colors for each smooth-xs mobile phone pan tilt with different colors, so as to meet the exquisite experience needs of female users from the inside. < / P > < p > the newly released smart cloud smooth-xs also has a service life of 5.5 hours. It can also be used while charging with mobile power supply, and is equipped with special tripod, cashmere bag, hand rope and other intimate accessories. The price of smart cloud smooth-xs has a very good competitiveness on the current mobile phone smart cloud platform. Participating in the pre-sale can also reduce 80 yuan. In terms of smart phones and smart phones, they have to meet the aesthetic needs of smart phones and self shooting products on the same price. Science Discovery