Mobile phone instead of camera is a joke? In these aspects, traditional cameras can’t compare with each other

In recent years, we can see many people taking photos with mobile phones when we are on the stage of large-scale concerts and evening parties. It seems that the professional cameras such as SLR in the past have gradually left us. However, as an amateur photography hobby, I have started to take photos with my mobile phone in recent years. However, in some specific situations, I think the SLR camera still has incomparable advantages over the mobile phone. For example, the photos taken by the SLR have better texture, more natural depth of field, and have a lot of post-processing space. If you are a photographer engaged in commercial photography, high-end single-mode camera has more advantages Anti is still necessary. In addition, SLR cameras also have a faster shutter speed, which is very useful in some sports photography. < / P > < p > however, for professional camera users, it is not possible to take good photos with professional equipment, which requires a long time of learning and mastering. However, there are a few people who are really familiar with or have the energy to learn SLR. More people still hope to take good photos by pressing the shutter button and share them all the time In this case, the mobile phone naturally becomes a more suitable device than the SLR. < / P > < p > in the past, in the era of function machine, if people had to carry a heavy camera to travel and take photos because of the poor photo taking by mobile phone, now the imaging quality of mobile phone is totally different. Even many photography enthusiasts do not carry camera when they travel, because now the photography quality of mobile phone has reached the acceptance of the vast majority of people But the portability is better than a little bit, even in many cases can not see the gap with the SLR shooting. In addition, people can easily share photos on the Internet with mobile phones, and send them to relatives and friends. For young people, even taking photos is to share them. In this regard, SLR cameras are obviously a lot of trouble. < / P > < p > in recent years, mobile phone video system has brought more cameras. There are all kinds of ultra wide angle, long focus and macro lens, which has really achieved the goal of “one machine going around the world”. I believe that not many people are willing to take photos with heavy SLR and several lenses. What makes the SLR feel pressure is that the quality of these extra lenses from mobile phones is not bad at all Let’s take an example of oppo ා let’s have a look at oppo ා this summer. We can use find x2 pro to shoot samples, from which we can realize the powerful imaging ability of mobile phones. < / P > < p > if you don’t say anything about this photo, I’m afraid some people will think that it was taken by the main photographer. The texture and color of the whole picture are excellent, and even the branches and leaves in the distance are clearly distinguishable. < / P > < p > in this photo of @ sky traveler Feifei, I feel the shocking evening. Although the light is dim, the clouds in the sky are still clear and discernible, and the highlight is also suppressed. < / P > < p > from these photos, we can experience oppo find x2 Pro image system is powerful. Its main camera adopts 48 million pixel imx689 sensor customized by Sony, and is equipped with a periscope long focus lens, which supports up to 60 times digital zoom. While Sony’s 48 million pixel imx586 sensor is used for ultra wide angle, the imaging quality is comparable to that of the main camera. It is no wonder that such excellent ultra wide angle photos can be taken. The oppo find x2 standard version has the same powerful image system. It also adopts three camera configuration, which are 48 million pixel wide angle main camera, 12 million pixel super wide angle lens and 13 million long focus lens. The overall performance is also quite good. < / P > < p > it can be seen that today’s high-end mobile phones have reached a high level in imaging and full scene shooting experience, even if find x2 Pro’s super wide-angle lens is also enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of people. Compared with the traditional camera, the mobile phone not only brings good imaging, but also has incomparable portability. The powerful AI function can also avoid the post-processing of photos and bring a WYSIWYG photography experience. New product launch