Mobile phone ios-app penetration test vulnerability protection scheme

At present, many projects in China have mobile app and IOS side, but the security problem can not be guaranteed. There are often problems such as data tampering, member amount tampering, or intrusion and attack. Next, sinasafe penetration test engineer will take you in-depth understanding of how to do app security protection and vulnerability detection principle mechanism. Security threats and requirements analysis of mobile applications, basic components: mobile applications, communication networks, application servers, mobile application security analysis. Mobile system platform threats wireless network attack malicious code mobile application code reverse engineering illegally tampers with mobile app. Security and protection mechanism of Android system. Android system composition overview. Linux kernel layer, system runtime layer, application framework layer and application layer, Android system security mechanism. Authority declaration mechanism application signature mechanism sandbox mechanism network communication encryption kernel security mechanism Iii.iOS Security mechanisms and security mechanisms. Start the chain safely. Data protection. Data encryption and protection mechanism. Randomization of address space layout. Code signature. Sandbox mechanism. < p > < p > mobile application security protection mechanism and technical scheme. Mobile application security reinforcement. Decompile, anti debug, anti tamper, anti theft, mobile app security detection. Test content: detection of identity authentication mechanism. Detection of communication session security mechanism. Detection of sensitive information protection mechanism. Log security policy detection. Detection of transaction process security mechanism. Server authentication mechanism detection. Access control mechanism detection. Data tamper proof ability detection. Test the ability to prevent SQL injection. Anti fishing security capability detection. At present, the domestic security vulnerability detection companies are as follows: sinesafe, yingdun security, Lvmeng, Dashu security, etc. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865