Mobile phone photo taking, these eight common photography mistakes should be careful, photography Xiaobai should take warning

Photography is an important part of our daily life. With the photography function of mobile phone becoming stronger and stronger, the definition of photos we can take by mobile phone is also higher and higher. But to take excellent photos, we need to master some photography skills and knowledge points. So this column introduces some problems and skills that mobile photography often encounter in the way of thinking mapping, improves photography level for photographers, and helps you to get up to a higher level of photography technology. This column involves thinking map as shown in the following figure: [/p > < p > if we want to take a good picture that everyone likes, we need not only some photography skills, but also some photography skills Avoid those usual photographic mistakes. Many beginners will make some common mistakes. In order to avoid some common problems, this paper analyzes some small problems in daily life that may appear when taking photos with mobile phones. How to effectively avoid or after the occurrence, how to change them to improve your photography level. Before taking pictures with mobile phones, we should first determine clear and clear themes. Photos without clear themes will be unknown. “Clear theme” is the soul of photography works, and photography lovers are the key to create this soul. When taking photos, determining where your light comes from is an important part of ensuring the best lighting for your theme. Light needs to be on your subject to illuminate it correctly. Before taking a picture, take a moment to look around to determine which direction the light comes from. For example, if you’re outdoors, find out where the sun is and see how it lights your theme. Consider what angle might be the most enjoyable way to shoot your subject. Although it is convenient to take photos in mobile phone automatic mode, you can only press the shutter, but you can’t really control the photo effect. Manual mode is to fully grasp the function of the camera system, and make full use of its functions to achieve the desired effect. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?