Mobile phone photography tutorial, learn how to control the composition elements of mobile phone photography, and take good pictures easily

Photography can not do without composition, but how to complete the composition of mobile phone photography, and the same as SLR photography, the composition needs to be strictly controlled and explored. < / P > < p > but what exactly does composition contain? What is a good composition? How to consider the direction of composition before pressing the shutter. This article has carried on the comprehensive discussion and the sharing on these questions! Combined with the digital photography teacher collated some experience, I hope to give you some inspiration. < / P > < p > includes subject, companion, light, environment, etc. Just like a person’s face, if you want to express the perfect and accurate expression, you need the combination of eyes, nose, mouth and facial muscles to cooperate to complete the perfect transfer of expression and emotion. < / P > < p > subject: it is mainly the object that we emphasize, and it is also the main shooting object in mobile phone photography, which can be people or things; besides, the theme should also be coordinated and served around the subject. < / P > < p > another way to express the subject is to strictly control the proportion of the main body in the picture. At the same time, we can use the contrast between the light and shade of the subject and the background, the contrast between the virtual and the real background, and the contrast of color contrast, which can emphasize the subject. < / P > < p > the subject leads the emotional expression and direction of the whole photo; the subject also has mutual influence on the composition of the picture; therefore, priority should be given to the subject when shooting. < / P > < p > just like making a movie, if you have a protagonist, you need to have a supporting role. Therefore, many of the photos taken by great masters have subjects. The subject is the center of the theme, but the accompaniment is to set off the subject in the photo. Accompaniment plays a very important role in the main body; it can enrich the picture display, strengthen the main body, foil the main body; let the main body have more aesthetic feeling; at the same time, it can also play a good role in explaining the purpose that the subject wants to explain. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo