Mobile phone sales ranking in September: Xiaomi No.5, Huawei No.6, No.1!

After entering the 5g era, consumers’ preferences for changing phones are also beginning to change. Major manufacturers are also targeted to launch models that are more in line with users’ preferences, such as higher screen share, supporting 5g, super zoom technology and other functions. The mainstream flagship machine is also upgraded to 90hz or even 120Hz screen design, gradually surpassing the iPhone in screen details and functions. However, in the high-end market, the iPhone is still outstanding, not only far ahead of Huawei and Samsung in terms of single machine sales, but also firmly monopolizes the market profits. From the digital blogger Xiaoyi Max released a display, < / P > < p > in the mobile phone sales ranking in September, the popular Xiaomi 10 also only ranked fifth, with a monthly sales volume of more than 100000 sets. For Xiaomi company, Xiaomi 10 is of great significance and a new attempt to impact the high-end market. Although the price is set at 3999 yuan, with the average price of domestic 5g mobile phones rising, Xiaomi 10 is still one of the most cost-effective snapdragon 865 models. Compared with the current oppofinx2pro and one plus 8pro, its sales advantage is visible to the naked eye In the top ten mobile phone sales, only Xiaomi 10 and Huawei p40pro have an average price of over 3000! < p > < p > as the biggest competitor of Xiaomi mobile phone, Huawei mobile phone ranks relatively low this time, especially the high-end model of Huawei P40 pro, whose monthly sales volume is only 90000, ranking seventh. However, in terms of the number of models on the list, Huawei owns three seats. Huawei nova7 ranks sixth with the sales of 92000 units per month, while glory PLAY4 ranks the bottom 10 with sales of 8.2 units, while the flagship products such as glory 30 pro and glory V30 are not among the top 10. Compared with Xiaomi 10, which is positioned at the same level, its popularity is quite inferior. It should be noted that at present, most users will choose Huawei P40 series offline, which may be one of the reasons why its online sales volume is lower than Xiaomi 10! In September, Xiaomi became the biggest market winner, occupying five seats in the top 10 models, including 140000 units of redmi 9a and redmi K30 pro, and 120000 units of redmi K30 pro! The reason why the redmi K30 series is so popular is also due to the excellent photo taking strength and endurance experience. The battery capacity of these models is about 4500mAh, and Sony imx686 lens is added. 64 million four cameras and NFC lens are also standard configuration. For students with a small budget, redmi mobile phone has almost become the first choice, but the status of iPhone 11 is unshakable! < / P > < p > since its release, iPhone 11 has always been the number one in the sales list of self owned mobile phones in a certain East. Although it is a 4G mobile phone, it has repeatedly crushed its rivals in single month sales. In September, it sold more than 1 million sets, which is almost the sum of other 9 popular models! As the best-selling full screen mobile phone in history, iPhone 11 not only brings super night scene function, but also supports dual card, dual standby and faceid technology. It is the most cost-effective Apple mobile phone at present. Considering that the launch of iPhone 12 is coming soon, we suggest that we wait for a while. The price of the old iPhone 11 may be loose again when the new machine comes into market! < p > < p > the above is the list of mobile phone sales in September. Huawei still lost, and Xiaomi 10 ranked fifth. It seems that domestic users still prefer apple. What do you think? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!