Mobile phone service life is the foundation, oppo reno4 is equipped with 65W flash charging, so you have no worries

Now mobile phones can be seen everywhere in our lives, and their functions are becoming more and more abundant. They can be wallets, game machines, and even your online learning machines. In addition to sleeping, mobile phones have been inseparable from us. When the boss calls, the mobile phone runs out of power, her girlfriend urges her to go out, but the charging is too slow, the mobile phone is turned off just after the car is called, and the mobile phone black screen is not out of the subway. Too many critical moments when the mobile phone has no power may become the instant of adult collapse. “Five minutes of charging, 4 hours of drama” oppo reno4 is equipped with 65W flash charging, which can let us have no worries. < / P > < p > in our daily life, the 4000mAh capacity battery of this mobile phone is enough for users who read news and simply browse the web. However, the author is a heavy user. After getting up at 7:00 in the morning, the mobile phone will almost work until 12:00 p.m., music playing, video playing, wechat social networking, file transmission, playing games, etc., and the mobile phone is basically not idle. < / P > < p > the previous mobile phone used was the iPhone XR. Under the author’s use intensity, it is necessary to charge the phone twice a day. It’s better when working indoors. The power supply is at hand. You can charge your mobile phone at any time. But if you need to go out to work, watching the phone power down is very anxious. The charger doesn’t have much use. It’s heavy and inconvenient. Especially when you have to pay, the phone is turned off. The degree of embarrassment is that you can dig out a set of three bedrooms and two living rooms. < / P > < p > since the replacement of oppo reno4, the sense of security has exploded. The 4000mAh capacity battery can withstand twists and turns. It is also equipped with a super power saving mode. It can reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone and adapt to the app one by one, which can effectively extend the service life of the mobile phone under the condition of extremely low power consumption. < / P > < p > when the system detects that the power of the mobile phone is only 10%, it will automatically pop up a window to remind the user to turn on the super power saving mode. After the function is enabled, the system only retains functional operation to ensure that the basic operation of the user is not affected. Users can also add runnable applications according to their actual needs, supporting up to six apps, of which three are user-defined choices. According to the data of Rhein laboratory in Germany, the super power saving mode can be turned on under 5% power, which can support continuous chat on wechat for up to 90 minutes. < / P > < p > in the super power saving mode, even if we are in a low power state, we can have enough time to solve the problem, without suddenly shutting down the mobile phone, being at a loss and unable to move. In addition, the phone also supports 65W flash charging, and officials say it can fully charge the entire battery in 36 minutes. With such a rapid charging speed, it is no problem to charge the mobile phone at any time. There is no need to charge the mobile phone all night. The time for washing and gargling in the morning can be fully charged for a while. The fragmentation time has been used to the greatest extent. The mobile phone can be in a full blood state all the time, and can better cope with the video, game and other scenes in the 5g era. It can not only ensure the use of users, but also further extend the life of mobile phone battery, which is more efficient and safer. < / P > < p > nowadays, mobile phones have become indispensable equipment for us and play an important role in our life and work. The battery life of the mobile phone is the first problem we worry about. The mobile phone without electricity is not as useful as a brick, and we will be unable to move forward if we depend on the mobile phone. Oppo reno4 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, supports 65W flash charging, and can be quickly revived in half an hour. In addition, the super power saving mode can further extend the service life of the mobile phone. Even when the power is low, there is enough time to solve the problem. Science Discovery