Mobile phone store owners to tell the truth, online shopping and physical stores of mobile phones, the gap between the world

In recent years, our life has undergone unprecedented great changes, which are due to the economic development and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology. Since Ma Yun introduced the Internet into China, domestic Internet enterprises have been developing continuously, bringing us a lot of new products, including online shopping. With the emergence of e-commerce online shopping platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao and Jingdong, we have an unprecedented shopping experience. Through mobile Taobao and other software, we can enjoy the way of shopping at home. Nowadays, China has entered the era of online shopping for all, and the products we buy on it include the smart phones that we almost have in our hands. The powerful functions of mobile phones do not need to be said more, but now it has an absolute position that people can’t give up. For the channel of purchasing mobile phone, the confession of mobile phone shop owner: there is a big gap between online shopping and physical store buying mobile phone! < / P > < p > in today’s advanced era, mobile phones have become indispensable portable electronic products, so its market demand has always been very strong. The speed of mobile phone updating is very fast. With the appearance of a new mobile phone, there will always be new functions, and the performance will be further improved. Therefore, it also stimulates the desire of consumption and replacement of mobile phones. < / P > < p > What do you worry about when you buy a mobile phone? The style of mobile phone, the performance of mobile phone, the brand of mobile phone and so on, of course, where to buy is also an extremely difficult problem. Some people think that buying mobile phones in offline stores may be easily fooled by marketing personnel. Therefore, it is appropriate to purchase mobile phones online, and other consumers’ comments can be seen. Some people think that if you buy a mobile phone online, you can’t see it. When you get the real product, the quality is often worse than that of a physical store. Therefore, it’s better to buy offline. So the question is, what is the difference between the mobile phones purchased through physical stores and those purchased online? There are some small partners in the mobile phone industry: the difference between the two is really too much! < / P > < p > first of all, according to our common understanding, mobile phones purchased through e-commerce platforms will be cheaper than those in physical stores. After all, e-commerce online shopping platforms do not have to pay huge rents, water and electricity charges, labor costs, etc. like physical stores. Therefore, the prices will naturally be relatively cheaper. Businesses on online platforms reflect the cost advantage in the price of mobile phones, and give them More discounts for consumers. In today’s era of Internet technology more and more mature, the price of e-commerce products has the characteristics of transparency, consumers can choose more favorable stores by comparing prices in many ways, under such conditions, the price of mobile phones will naturally be cheaper. But the fact is not as natural as you think. < / P > < p > each brand enterprise has a strict channel price system for its own products, which will limit the sales price of products to a certain region. Whether it is online sales or offline sales, there will be no problem of excessive price difference. The palm and the back of the hand are all meat. Of course, the enterprise will not favor any side. In addition, offline stores often engage in some preferential activities to attract customers, sometimes with great strength. Some consumers say that the discount and small gifts obtained through physical store activities are much more cost-effective than the prices of online goods. Therefore, we must change the misconception that online mobile phones must be cheaper than offline physical stores. In this way, you will miss out on some preferential welfare activities of physical stores in vain. When you want to buy a mobile phone, Xiaobian suggests that you go to the offline physical store to walk around. Maybe you really catch up with this good thing? < / P > < p > secondly, we all know that mobile phones can be divided into BOC version and non BOC version. If the mobile phone we purchased is BOC version, the online and offline stores are also different in terms of return and exchange policies. However, you can rest assured that their warranty policies are often the same. Most stores have a one-year warranty period for mobile phones, which starts on the day when the mobile phone is first activated, and the quality of mobile phones is exactly the same, so don’t worry about this. We are very familiar with the return policy of apple. Apple’s mobile phone sales in China include official website sales, third-party platform sales and offline physical store sales. The return and exchange policy implemented by Apple’s official website and direct stores is a 14 day return service. Even if the user unsealed the mobile phone during this period, as long as it is not artificially damaged, it can still be returned. In the apple flagship store of tmall, we are familiar with the seven day no reason return and exchange service. Other Apple product sales channels have different product return and exchange policies. Some businesses require that users cannot return products without quality problems. If there are quality problems, consumers have to go to the direct store for identification and open a quality inspection sheet before returning. Therefore, there is a big gap between these methods. < / P > < p > in addition, it should be noted that the mobile phone models of online platforms and offline stores may not be exactly the same. In order to ensure the sales of other offline models, mobile phone companies may put some mobile phone models with high cost performance and easy access to the market for sale on the Internet, while physical stores do not provide such models. If you purchase mobile phones, you should also pay attention to comparing the mobile phone models of offline and offline stores. < / P > < p > when you buy a mobile phone, most of you will pay attention to various parameters of the mobile phone. In the mobile phone of online shopping, we can only see some simple digital parameters, so we can’t really experience the use of mobile phone. It would be very unwise for consumers to compare the quality of mobile phones only through parameters. For example, many consumers have reported that the hand feeling of the mobile phone purchased through the Internet is very bad. < / P > < p > therefore, we need to experience it in person. Through offline stores, we can feel the weight of the mobile phone, the fluency of the mobile phone, as well as the color and appearance of the mobile phone, so as to find out the advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that when you buy a mobile phone, you should first go to the physical store to experience it, and then compare the mobile phone prices and return and exchange policies of other sales channels on the offline, and then make a choice after comprehensive consideration. After all, the price of mobile phones is not cheap. This is a product we carry with us. Naturally, we should seriously choose and treat it. What do you say? 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