Mobile phone super wide angle can make a big movie? I love these pictures

Remember that “no business” sports teacher Zhang neixian? In the last year’s oppo see betond image show, he used oppo mobile phones to warm up many people with photos taken by children. At present, the photography activity held by oppo is in the hot. Many photographers have used the super wide angle lens of oppo find x2 pro to put the summer into the mobile phone. Teacher Zhang also brought his latest works. We may as well go and see it. If you make a list of the things you love to do when you are a child, climbing a tree must be on the list. This is the first step for many children to contact nature. In this picture below, we see two children sitting leisurely on the trunk, and the scattered branches and leaves are like an umbrella covering the whole screen, giving a very open feeling. The results show that the image effect can be obtained by oppo find x2 pro. It adopts imx586 sensor, which can bring 120 ° ultra wide view and install more scenery. For those cases where the conditions of their own scenery are limited and cannot be solved by action, wide-angle lens can save us a lot of regret that “can not be photographed”. But the ultra wide angle shooting will also bring some problems. Edge distortion is one of them. If distortion occurs in shooting, it will bring serious distortion, and the whole picture effect will be very strange. However, there is no such problem in the super wide angle of oppo find x2 pro. Take the photo below to show that the shape of each leaf at the edge is preserved naturally and truly while deepening the depth of the picture. Taking photos between two high walls, the light conditions are not ideal, but the mottled patterns on the walls, the facial expression of children are still clearly visible, and the high-rise light is suppressed. This is from the powerful night view algorithm of oppo find x2 pro, which can achieve good exposure and restore real color even in dark light environment. The ultra wide angle lens of oppo find x2 Pro is also very easy to take micro shot. In the following photo of “face taking”, we can clearly see the pattern of dragonfly wings and sweat drops on the children’s face. All of these are due to the high-definition resolution power of the 48million pixel lens, and can keep more wonderful and small details. It is worth mentioning that the virtual algorithm of find x2 Pro is also quite mature. The virtual background can make the subject more prominent and the visual impact force further. The whole picture looks like a large sense of vision. Many people have read these pictures of teacher neixian, which means that they have a taste of “summer when I was a child”. Besides the shooting style and theme of teacher Zhang, the super wide angle lens of oppo find x2 Pro has achieved great success. Through the wider field of vision and high-definition resolution, the picture content is richer and the effect is more tension. In fact, the ultra wide angle lens of oppo find x2 Pro is only a part of its powerful image system. The main camera of the camera is made of 48million pixel imx689 sensor customized by Sony. In addition, it is equipped with a long-term prospective lens, which can support up to 60 times digital zoom, which can meet the shooting of multiple scenes. With the full focus segment imaging system, oppo find x2 Pro stands out among a number of flagship phones and won the “best photo phone 2020” award by whistleout, an Australian evaluation website. “Oppo provides Australian consumers with competitive mobile phone products at full price segments and continues to promote the development of the Australian mobile market,” said Alex choros, editor of whistleout. Meanwhile, Alex choros also said: “every generation of mobile phone products of oppo are coming out of the box, and the oppo find x2 Pro launched this year is undoubtedly the best Android flagship phone at present.”. For friends who like to take photos, oppo find x2 Pro is really a 5g flagship that can be taken into consideration. It is worth mentioning that, it is now in the period of 8.18 activities, and oppo find x2 Pro can enjoy the maximum 12 periods of interest free, with daily payment of as low as 16.7 yuan. You may as well quickly order, put your eyes into this mobile phone in summer! New product launch