Model y is not strong enough, but it has another arcfox α t static experience

When it comes to electric cars, everyone likes to compare with Tesla. Cars are better than model 3, and SUVs are better than model y. But model y has been clamoring for a long time, and it hasn’t come yet. On the contrary, in recent years, domestic pure electric SUVs have been coming out one by one, including trumpchi, Roewe, Weilai, ideal They are all high-end, 300000 class models. To a certain extent, they are all competitors of model y, and now there is another one – arcfox α t. < / P > < p > arcfox α t is a new brand and new model, which is not well-known. So we have to rely on the highlights of the product to attract people. In fact, it does have a bit of material. Let’s take a look at the potential rivals of model y and model 3, and what are the highlights. < / P > < p > of course, having more screens is not a real advantage. Tesla uses a single screen to collect all functions and operations, which is also a highlight of others. It’s really meaningless to compare the number of screens. But for a car, a big screen lacks the taste of a car. It has a strong sense of technology, but it can’t create a luxurious atmosphere. I prefer this kind of multi screen design with clear division of labor and bright colors, so that I can feel the car owner’s attention. < / P > < p > because the scale of this large screen is unusual, its operation is also unusual. Open the application, the default is half screen display, the main driver side click on the left half, the copilot side click on the right half, you can also display two programs at the same time. Of course, open the program can drag, you can continue to zoom into full screen display. There are also menu bars on the left and right sides for easy search and application. The logic of the whole screen is very clear and reasonable. < / P > < p > of course, the proportion of this screen is too special, and each application needs to be specially optimized, so at present, it only supports some common and mainstream programs. The manufacturer says that it is expanding more applications now, and when it comes to market, there will be more applications on the shelves. < / P > < p > automatically identify one car owner, eight ordinary users and one visitor user, automatically restore memory settings, and realize driver status recognition by combining pupil positioning technology, and realize fatigue warning and distraction reminder function according to the recognition situation. < / P > < p > conclusion: Although arcfox α t is a new brand and an electric vehicle, its overall design is relatively traditional. For example, the interior layout and design follow the idea of traditional cars, which is very luxurious. The appearance is not too unconventional. This style is quite different from Tesla. Traditional consumers should like it very much. In terms of hardware and software, arcfox α t applies a lot of advanced technologies, supports 5g, automatic driving, and is also a big brand supplier of battery and electronic control. Generally speaking, it is a very attractive and reliable high-end electric vehicle. Skip to content