More light and smooth experience, one Canada officially released hydrogen OS 11, one plus 8 series can be tasted today

On August 10, a new version of hydrogen OS 11 was officially released online. Hydrogen OS 11 adopts a very inclusive design, bringing new functions such as AOD, intelligent picture library, voice notes, multi person meditation mode, and new dark mode. It also adds flash back key for fast switching multiple applications and blind fingerprint decoding function under AOD status, which makes the operation more convenient. In addition, hydrogen OS 11 has made another breakthrough on the basis of fast, stable and economical experience, bringing users a light and smooth experience. One plus six and all subsequent one plus mobile phones will also be adapted to hydrogen OS 11. < p > < p > the new hydrogen OS 11 brings a refreshing design. Zeng Xi, creative director of Yijia, said: the design concept of hydrogen OS 11 is to break the barriers with inclusive design. On hydrogen OS 11, the design will return to the essence and create with the simplest elements, so that people of different races, cultures and backgrounds can understand at a glance. For example, in the common weather app, a new typesetting method is adopted to make the information on the interface clear and clear. Mobile phone wallpaper also fully echoes the design concept of hydrogen OS 11. It is not only good-looking, but also reflects the change of sky color and time through real-time rendering technology. The three periods of morning, middle and late will bring users totally different visual experience. < / P > < p > many new features have been added to the hydrogen OS 11, such as AOD, intelligent library and voice notes. AOD is one of the most popular functions of the first plus users. The AOD of hydrogen OS 11 not only has the conventional function of displaying time, weather, notification and other information on the information screen, but also adds a series of special functions, which are called & quot; annual ring AOD & quot;. By turning on the theme function of AOD, you can convert a photo into a high-precision line drawing and keep it constantly bright, so that special meaningful photos can always accompany you. At the same time, the annual ring AOD can reflect the uniqueness of each user, and display the user’s digital life on the information screen interface. It displays the time axis composed of the frequency and duration of the user’s use of the mobile phone on the information screen interface, reminding users to maintain self-discipline and health in digital life, and make better use of mobile phones instead of being used by mobile phones. < p > < p > the intelligent Gallery of hydrogen OS 11 integrates the image editing function, and adds the & quot; week review & quot; function. It uses AI algorithm to automatically clip the highlights of the video together every weekend, matches music and filters, and generates video clips recalled by users in a week, so that users can quickly and conveniently review the wonderful moments. The newly added voice recording function in the note can not only record the instantaneous inspiration quickly and accurately, but also switch flexibly between speech and text with the help of AI voice with high recognition rate, so as to record creative brain holes anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > hydrogen OS has always insisted on CO creation with users. Many new functions on hydrogen OS 11 are also from global users of one Canada, such as multi player meditation mode and new dark mode. The multi person meditation mode supports users to set up virtual rooms, invite friends to complete multi person meditation and punch in sharing. The multi person meditation mode will support multi brand smart phones, not limited to one plus mobile phone users. Everyone can put down their mobile phones and focus on the present. After more than 130 attempts, the new dark mode has found black that makes the vision more comfortable, and uses different shades of black to show the level of content information. The dark mode also supports fast opening and regular activation, which makes the reading experience better. In addition, the new dark mode of hydrogen os11 has passed the WCAG dual-a certification, providing better dark mode experience for visually impaired users. < / P > < p > in the eyes of users, hydrogen OS has always been the pronoun of fast, stable and energy saving, and the experience of fast, stable and energy saving is also a long-term pursuit. Hydrogen OS 11 brings a new ORM memory management system, which greatly improves the memory utilization efficiency, runs more applications at the same time under the same memory condition, and greatly reduces the probability of killing the background by mistake. The actual measurement of one heater shows that the average number of background resident applications before the upgrade of one plus eight Pro is 12.5, and the average number of background resident applications after upgrading hydrogen OS 11 is increased to 17.7, with an increase rate of 41.6%. The new turbo boost 2.0 frame rate optimization technology is aimed at the one plus high refresh rate screen, so that the mobile phone can better keep the & quot; full frame rate & quot; running state in games and other scenarios. With the new intelligent background freezing technology and skip doframe technology, hydrogen OS 11 is not only light and smooth, but also more power-saving. < / P > < p > hydrogen OS 11 will gradually adapt to all one plus six and later mobile phones, as well as immersive small bar, Zen mode white noise, new font, upgraded version negative screen, system level privacy encryption and other functions will also be added. 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