More possibilities for creation camera stabilizer Zhiyun Yunhe 2S

In the era of short video and volg popularity, camera stabilizer has changed from a professional film and television creation tool to a consumer level digital product. Zhiyun is the leader in this field. Both mobile phone stabilizer and more professional camera stabilizer are recognized by consumers and video creators. Not long ago, Zhiyun released a new generation of camera stabilizer, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S. This three-axis stabilizer not only has strong stability, but also has many practical functions, which can help video creators better shoot. < / P > < p > the main body of zhiyunyunhe 2S is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which ensures the durability of the product, and the large-scale camera can also be stable as a rock. The use of CNC anodizing process makes Yunhe 2S have excellent texture, and the black matte body also shows more professional temperament. The handle of Yunhe 2S is made of industrial carbon fiber, which not only has reliable quality, but also effectively reduces weight, which lightens the burden on the creator. < / P > < p > there are three removable 18650 lithium batteries in the handle position of zhiyunyunhe 2S, which can meet the needs of 12 hours of creation. Moreover, the design of replaceable general-purpose battery also provides convenience for long-time shooting. The 18650 battery can be easily obtained. < / P > < p > zhiyunyunhe 2S adopts the 9th generation honeycomb stability control algorithm developed by Zhiyun, which makes the reaction speed of this stabilizer faster, and the actions such as following and shaking are more arbitrary. Yunhe 2S can easily carry a variety of professional equipment, such as Panasonic S1H, Canon 1D x Mark II, Nikon d850 and other large cameras and supporting lenses. In addition, it can also expand the radio microphone, picture transmission, focusing device and other accessories. < / P > < p > zhiyunyunhe 2S adopts the upgraded quick disassembly system 3.0, which can disassemble and disassemble the equipment faster and make the shooting more convenient. The locking wrench and safety lock of quick release system 3.0 can ensure the unlocking operation in one go. Users can also customize the initial tightness of the locking wrench, with higher durability.

with the tiktok and other video APP’s popularity, users have new requirements for stabilizing equipment, that is, it can switch more conveniently between the horizontal and vertical. Zhiyun Yunhe 2S does not need additional accessories. Relying on the ingenious design of stabilizer, it can complete the switch between horizontal and vertical. The switching process only takes tens of seconds, and no other accessories are needed. Special parts & quot; small gold cap & quot; integrates two functions of safety lock and locking screw, which not only ensures camera safety, but also makes users more convenient. The 0.96 inch olde screen of zhiyunyunhe 2S supports both Chinese and English. It can display the core parameters of the camera and stabilizer. The operation logic is simple and easy to understand. The shooting mode can be quickly switched by using the M key. You can also see what is displayed on the screen outdoors in the sun. < / P > < p > Zhiyun Yunhe 2S has reserved the image transmission slot, so users can choose the scallop image transmission accessories according to their own shooting needs, which is convenient for the team to cooperate with each other in shooting. The newly designed focus following roller has moderate damping and is more handy. It supports electronic tracking control, which makes the control of focus more accurate and convenient. < / P > < p > and when combined with the professional level focus tracker, it can make the delay time lower, focus transformation more accurate and natural, and easily switch the zoom and focus following working modes. For individual video lovers or small studios, zhiyunyunhe 2S can make their videos more professional and fluent. < / P > < p > we know that a stabilizer needs not only hard indicators such as stability and controllability, but also soft power such as simple and practical multiple shooting modes. In this regard, Zhiyun products have never let us down. This time, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S has brought such shooting modes as global POV, three-dimensional dream and mad dog mode. Users only need to adjust to the corresponding mode to obtain movie level special effects, making your video more vivid and interesting. < p > < p > zhiyunyunyunhe 2S also has high-level playing methods such as giant screen photography, fixed-point delay, mobile demonstration, long exposure dynamic delay, etc., and it can also let users shoot excellent special effects videos. These special effects videos can be used as transition materials to add advanced sense and professionalism to your vlog video. < p > < p > Zhiyun weibill system can set up micro single camera, which is suitable for ordinary consumers. Yunhe 3 lab is a professional equipment for the imaging team. The newly released Zhiyun Yunhe 2S has a better balance between performance and weight and volume, and vlog individual creators are its main consumers. < / P > < p > the standard package price of zhiyunyunhe 2S is 3699 yuan, and the upgrade package with more accessories is 3999 yuan. Compared with similar products on the market, this stabilizer undoubtedly has higher cost performance ratio. Let’s look forward to the launch of this product. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine