More than 100 TSMC engineers quit? Huawei pays great attention to talents, foreign media: China’s attraction is too strong

The United States is very afraid that China will take advantage of Huawei’s express to realize the fourth industrial revolution, which may soon come, which will lead to the loss of its position as the world leader. Therefore, the United States has attacked and excluded Huawei’s 5g everywhere. < / P > < p > but obviously this is not a very good move. Even if the United States has joined its younger brother country to push Huawei’s 5g out of the list of core suppliers, many countries around the world still cooperate with Huawei 5g as always. After all, the relationship between countries is not the same as that between people, which relies too much on emotional maintenance, but more on interest binding. 5g in the United States is not easy to use, but expensive. Huawei’s 5g is stable, effective and cost-effective. Can you sell it to me at a low price without Huawei 5g? Let alone Huawei’s 5g has surpassed that of the United States for four to five years. According to Matthew effect, Huawei is not afraid of 5g at all. As a result, the U.S. began to have a bad idea. Since Huawei’s 5g is not under my control like China’s Beidou satellite, I can’t sanction anything, nor can it play a very important role. Then I’ll take your weakness and wounds in other places and stab you in the dead. Even if I can’t stab you to death, I’ll disgust you. That’s why the United States has banned high-end chip companies from supplying to China. < / P > < p > there is no way out. The chip manufacturing technology is not only Huawei, but also a short board of our country for a long time. We started late and had few talents, so we lacked the advantages of chip manufacturing. Although the national researchers have been working hard to realize the chip localization and five to the United States, but after all, the gap before has been too large, even if we can catch up with each other, we can not catch up in a day or two. And other non US enterprises may not be able to win Huawei in the “China US war”. After all, in the commercial market, there are only interests but no friends. There is never such a saying in the business field that “morality and morality” are used to stand up. Either the two sides are mutually beneficial and win-win, or it can only be a life and death battle < / P > < p > therefore, in this “chip war”, we should pay more attention to this issue, We have no way to rely on “foreign aid”, we can only rely on ourselves, and we have no way out. In such a background, Huawei resolutely embarked on a road of independent research and development. Even if it is no longer difficult, it must create our own lithography machine and create a chip supply chain! The state is also very awesome, not only to support the domestic chip companies including HUAWEI Hass, which is more than one hundred and sixty billion yuan, but also to upgrade the integrated circuit to a first level discipline in personnel training. At the same time, the tax company has a tax exemption for the semiconductor companies that have been rooted in China for more than 15 years and can produce more than 48nm for ten years. favoured policy. < p > < p > with the money in place, talent training in progress, and tax exemption from the state, Huawei will expand its own talent team. Huawei has been digging up TSMC’s senior engineers and other technical and management personnel since last year. Moreover, it has actually dug up more than 100 TSMC engineers. Breaking the iron rule that TSMC people will never be poached, and this excavation is more than 100 people, foreign media said: China’s attraction is too strong. It is understood that Huawei, the employee of TSMC, has offered two to three times the salary offered by TSMC. This time Huawei is really looking for talents. We all know that Huawei has just launched the “Nanniwan” project not long ago. The word “Nanniwan” is a word that everyone in China knows what it means. It means survival from a desperate situation and self-reliance. No matter what the future may be, I hope Huawei will hold on and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation needs you! gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia