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Steven Weinberg, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1979, is an important contributor to the inflation theory, the most recognized early universe theory. He has described a completely credible map of the origin of the universe to the world. Under his inspiration, Hawking completed a great work. He revealed the research process of the basic particle standard model theory, and encouraged the younger generation of scientists: “you have your mission, that is, to explain these huge and mysterious numbers related to different phenomena in nature.” < / P > < p > “if the research is successful and can provide patients with autologous organs, it can save many patients’ lives or improve their quality of life, and greatly reduce medical costs.” Stem cell biologist, Stanford University and Tokyo University Professor Nakai Kaiguang shared the challenge project of “xenogeneic cultivation of human organs”, trying to cultivate fully functional transplantable human organs in animals, so as to solve the problem of lack of donation and immune rejection. Last July, he was approved for the first time to test animal embryos containing human cells. Miguel Nicolelis, a professor of Neuroscience at Duke University School of medicine, is a leading brain computer interface expert. In 2014, on the green field in Brazil, he helped Juliano Pinto, a T4 paraplegic youth wearing a “mechanical warfare armour”, made the first goal of the world cup with his mind, realizing the connection control between the brain and the machine. As a dreamer who believes in digital “Immortality”, in his speech, he introduced the research process of brain computer interface and this technology from basic science to its application in neural rehabilitation. Bao Zhenan, a chemist and head of the Department of chemical engineering at Stanford University, is known as the “master of materials” in the field of artificial skin. She has brought bold ideas about “electronic skin”. “We will use electronic devices like human skin to communicate between people, between people and the environment.” She explained the design concept and practice process of artificial skin. Although artificial skin has not yet been used in human body, this concept has been proved and brought many unexpected new inspirations. “With artificial skin, it can be made into a continuous, blood pressure measuring blood pressure meter which can be pasted gently on baby’s body.” In addition, scientist Bao Zhenan also communicated with Zhang Xincheng, the Promotion Ambassador of Tencent science we conference and young actor Zhang Xincheng, to discuss “artificial skin” technology, and encourage young people to pay attention to science and love science. Pan Jianwei, a quantum physicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who created the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite “Mozi”, discussed how to conduct efficient and secure information transmission under the situation that information exchange has been and will always be accompanied by our human evolution and social development? Pan Jianwei’s answer is: quantum communication and quantum computing. He thinks: “quantum communication can provide an unconditional and secure communication mode in principle, and quantum computing can provide very powerful computing power for the research of various complex systems.” Astrophysicist Victoria Kaspi of McGill University is the first woman to receive Canada’s highest science award. In 2019, she captured hundreds of rapid radio storms with the help of the new radio telescope chime, and was named the top 10 person of the year. At this year’s we conference, she introduced an interesting process to capture the mysterious astrophysical phenomenon of “rapid radio bursts”. < / P > < p > a scientific team led by astronomer and Professor Jane Greaves of Cardiff University has detected phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus for the first time, which is considered as a potential “sign of life” and draws attention to “signs of life or life on Venus”. In her speech, Jane Greaves tells the story of exploring “life” on Venus: “phosphine on Venus exists in the gaseous environment, which means that organic life can only exist in the clouds of Venus.” < / P > < p > scientific and technological literacy is an important productivity to realize students’ innovation and development. “It is not only taught, but also practiced in the process of learning and practice. Cultivating it is not for the improvement of students’ current achievements, but for the education that students will never forget to benefit from.”. Hengshui middle school has always insisted on promoting science and technology education as an important work. It should not only be included in the school development plan and target management every year, but also be included in the construction of new curriculum system to combine science and technology education with new curriculum reform and comprehensive practical activities. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?