Motion cameras don’t choose? This wave of cost-effective Sports Camera recommendation will make you gain a lot

When it comes to sports cameras, many people think of extreme sports for the first time. The stimulation of sports challenges and the extraordinary visual impact complement each other, leaving an unforgettable memory. Therefore, in this small circle, the demand for sports cameras is quite high. Over time, most people have the impression that only extreme sports need sports cameras. However, if you observe your friends carefully, you will find that more and more ordinary users have purchased sports cameras. With the rise of vlog, compared with mobile phones, sports cameras have better anti shake and waterproof performance, smaller size, and more convenient to carry, place and use. It is very suitable to replace Mobile phones and record all kinds of life and entertainment scenes. This kind of recording method seems to have become A kind of fashionable life, therefore, more and more sports camera brands have launched high-performance and cost-effective sports camera products for ordinary users to meet their daily anti shake and waterproof requirements. If you have such needs, the following products are worth choosing. < / P > < p > GoPro hero7 white motion camera is a conventional design. It adopts a solid and durable square shell, has a touch screen, standard anti shake, 10 meter waterproof, supports 1440p60fps video shooting, can capture double speed slow motion video, and supports voice control, WiFi and Bluetooth functions, so that the content captured by the camera can be automatically transmitted to the mobile phone for instant sharing. The price of GoPro hero7 white is 1098 yuan, and the price of general activities is less than 1000 yuan. Its advantages are the protection of go pro brand, excellent image quality and convenient and easy-to-use experience. The disadvantage is that the anti shake effect is general and delay photography is not supported. < / P > < p > when purchasing a sports camera, the choice of memory card can not be ignored. There are many kinds of memory cards on the market, and the prices are also varied. I have used many brands myself. At present, I am using the blue card of “Jiaxia microSD”, which I think is very cost-effective. The full name of the card is Kexia excelia The ultra fast series microSD memory card is the lovely microSD memory card with fresh and lovely color in the figure below. In my opinion, the beauty of aoxia microSD blue card is very high, and its performance and price can also meet the needs of mainstream sports cameras. < / P > < p > the brand name of kioxia may be unfamiliar to you, but when it comes to Toshiba storage, you will be familiar with it. Yes, kioxia is renamed from Toshiba storage. After the name change, it continues the original products and product quality of Toshiba storage. It is excellent in performance and durability. It can meet the requirements of 1080p HD video recording and its highest reading The speed can reach 100MB / s, which can save a lot of time when copying. < / P > < p > not only the performance can meet the requirements of 1080p video shooting, but also the price of the armored microSD blue card is very good. Generally, the activity price of 256gb capacity is less than 200 yuan. For a microSD memory card of a first-line manufacturer, the performance and price of the card are the best match for a motion camera within 1000 yuan, and the cost performance ratio is very high. There are various capacities of 16g / 32g / 64g / 128G / 256g It is also convenient to choose specifications. A series of features such as cold resistance, heat resistance, anti-static, and three-year warranty are also made for sports cameras with super multi-use scenarios. < p > < p > insta360 go thumb shake proof camera is different from the conventional motion camera. It is more fashionable. It is a very mini type anti shake camera. It has flowstate anti shake technology and IPx4 waterproof performance. It can resist splashing on bare machine. It supports AI editing, slow motion shooting, 6-speed delayed photography, free rotation and other functions. It can export 1080p30fps video. < / P > < p > the insta360 go thumb shake proof camera is priced at 1088 yuan, and the general activity price is less than 1000 yuan. Its advantage is that it is super light and compact, and can be fixed on the chest like a button, freeing both hands to shoot easily. The disadvantage is that it can only shoot up to 30 seconds of video, without screen operation is slightly inconvenient. < / P > < p > the above is my suggestion for the sports camera within 1000 yuan. The sports camera is not the exclusive product of extreme sports. In daily life, the cost-effective Sports Camera within 1000 yuan is more suitable for photographing daily life and recording unforgettable moments than mobile phones. Finally, I would like to remind you that you must buy a large capacity version of the memory card, which is not only more cost-effective, but also can be avoided Embarrassing situation of insufficient capacity= target=_ blank>Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list

Author: zmhuaxia