Motorola new machine release, snapdragon 765G + 2800mah, price 12499 yuan!

On September 9, the national bank version of Samsung Z fold25g was officially launched. Samsung’s latest generation of folding screen mobile phone, the Standard Version costs 16999 yuan, and the limited edition costs 27199 yuan. Of course, the performance of this mobile phone is not bad. It is equipped with snapdragon 865 + processor, supports 120Hz refresh rate, and is equipped with 4500mAh battery and other flagship configurations. At the same time as Samsung’s Z-fold 25g, Motorola’s Razr 5g is also officially released. Although the price is not as high as Samsung’s, the 8 + 256gb price is 12499 yuan. The overall price is still high. The key is that the configuration of this folding screen mobile phone is not ideal. < / P > < p > Motorola Razr 5g eliminates the trace of folding screen, realizes the zero gap, completely folds without trace, and uses elastic metal plate to make the display board taut, which can keep the screen flat all the time. The inner screen adopts a 6.2-inch OLED screen with 2142 × 876 resolution, and the outer screen adopts a 2.7-inch full-function OLED screen with 800 × 600 resolution. The folding shape is 72.6 × 91.7 × 16mm, the unfolding shape is 72.6 × 169.2 × 7.9MM, and the body weight reaches 192g. It has two colors of black and gold. The overall style is fashionable, simple and exquisite. In terms of core configuration, Motorola Razr 5g is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor, with lpddr4x + ufs2.1 storage specification, NFC support, 2800mah battery, 15W flash charging support and 18W charging adapter as standard. Although the processor performance can meet the daily use, in fact, it can not reach the flagship level. In addition, the endurance is also at a low level, which is crushed by the strength of domestic mobile phones. It’s backward in photography. It’s equipped with 48 megapixel ultra high definition AI lens, and supports TOF camera, portrait HDR, AF auto focus, OIS optical anti shake, AI portrait super LCD and other functions. The overall configuration really can’t compare with domestic mobile phones. < / P > < p > the biggest attraction of Motorola Razr 5g is the use of hinge technology, the biggest feature of which is to realize the unique feature of “no crease”, unfold to achieve no trace, and fold to achieve close fitting, so as to realize the role of protection. It is worth mentioning that the partner of Motorola Razr 5g is China Telecom. This product will be divided into the “care for the world” product line. As we all know, this product line is China Telecom’s flagship business series. Due to the target group, the price of the products sold is different from that of the conventional mobile phones, so Motorola Razr 5g is the best choice 5g price 12499 yuan also has a reason, mainly for specific groups. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the price and configuration of Motorola Razr 5g do not match completely. Compared with the price of Samsung Z fold 25g, the gap between the two is very obvious. Of course, when this mobile phone is listed in China, some people will be willing to buy it, just like the luxury 8848 mobile phone. They don’t care about the configuration of the mobile phone, they only care about the appearance design. What do you think of this mobile phone? Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer