Multi platform data backup without worry

The homogeneity of the mobile hard disk market is relatively high, and the products should stand out. Many manufacturers will make an article on the appearance, and strive to leave a deep first impression on consumers. Seagate has launched many mobile hard disks with different materials and technologies before. This time, the mobile solid-state hard disk of Seagate Xiaobao mobile phone I received is made of woven fabric. At the same time, it has outstanding advantages in portability and application for multi platform data backup. < / P > < p > in the evaluation of Seagate series mobile hard disk last year, I first came into contact with the mobile hard disk products with woven fabric material shell. The combination of scientific and technological products and cloth art has a unique beauty. Modern and traditional interweave in it, which is very special. Xiaobaobei continues the style of Jin series, but because of the use of solid-state disk, it is more compact and portable. Xiaobaobei is a real “card” mobile hard disk. Its length is even shorter than my business card. The width of one index finger is about the width of the business card. In addition, it is only 10 mm thick. Users can carry it with them unconsciously. < / P > < p > the diagonal stripe on the back not only brings a more textured visual effect, but also has a good hand feeling, with anti-skid effect. With the front and back weaving technology and oblique stripe texture processing, even if xiaobaobei adopts all black color matching, the visual impression is not monotonous at all, but quite personalized. In addition, Seagate has prepared a white version for it, which consumers can choose according to their preference. < / P > < p > in addition to two color schemes, xiaobaobei also has two kinds of capacity – 500GB and 1TB. In terms of system compatibility, in addition to being used on windows and Apple Mac computers, it can also directly connect to Android phones and manage mobile phone content through the attached android app. Its standard data cable is usb-a interface, which is suitable for most PC and notebook computers. At the same time, it also provides a usb-a to usb-c adapter for users to connect directly to Android phones or other computers with only usb-c interface. On the computer, in addition to the conventional data storage operation, users can also realize data backup and synchronization functions through Seagate toolkit software. Toolkit has been introduced many times in previous reviews, so I will skip it here and focus on mobile touch applications on mobile phones. < / P > < p > you can download and install mobile touch by scanning the QR code on the manual. Start the app for the first time and set it according to the prompts. Connect xiaobaobei to usb-c interface of mobile phone, which can be recognized by mobile phone directly. At this time, users can manage the files in the mobile phone through mobile touch, including opening, moving, copying, deleting, saving to the mobile phone, and renaming. In addition, the more valuable part of mobile touch is that it can back up the files on the mobile phone to the xiaobaobei. Users can select the file types such as photos and videos, music and documents. The specific files and folders can be specified for photos and videos, and then click the Backup button. In addition, users can share these files through mobile touch. The standard data cable of Xiaobao is usb-a interface. In addition, it also provides a usb-a to usb-c adapter, which is convenient for users to directly connect to Android phones. < / P > < p > connect xiaobaobei to laptop for test. The continuous read and write speed of crystal diskmark is more than 400MB / s. In the as SSD benchmark, the performance is slightly slower, and the continuous reading and writing speed is 400.73mb/s and 368.36mb/s respectively. In HD tune pro, the average speed of xiaobaobei is 246.2mb/s, the curve is straight and stable, and there is no obvious speed drop. Then, FastCopy is used to examine its performance in transferring actual files. First of all, the 7.7gb single large file is transferred. The reading and writing speed is satisfactory. The reading time is less than 20 seconds, and the writing time is longer. It takes a little more than 40 seconds. The number of files to be transferred is 319, and the total capacity of the music folder is 7.18gb. The time of reading and writing is 20.1s and 37.8s respectively. < / P > < p > next, I connect xiaobaobei to oppo ACE2, and test the data transmission speed between it and the mobile phone with a 1.1GB single video file and a 1.34gb photo folder containing 216 photos, and timing with a stopwatch. When transmitting a single video file of 1.1GB, it takes 40 seconds to read and 45 seconds to write. In the transfer of Music folder, the reading and writing time is 55 seconds and 72 seconds respectively, the overall performance is regular. < / P > < p > as its name implies, Seagate’s mobile solid-state hard disk is smaller in length and width than the business card. It is compact and portable, and it is suitable for users to carry with them. The shell of woven fabric art shows a distinctive personality. While maintaining good support for Windows system and Apple Mac system, it also extends the application to Android phones, and provides more convenient data backup for mobile phones with mobile touch app. If you have the need to back up data on multiple platforms and have high requirements for the portability of mobile hard disk, Seagate small treasure mobile solid state disk is worth your attention. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list