Multiple 120! Iqoo5 is coming to build a real 5g flagship

Recently, the mobile phones released by the mobile phone circle seem to have some innocuous. Of course, the author does not say that there is no good mobile phone, but the flagship phone seems to have nothing. At the beginning of this year, it was more awesome. Different kinds of flagship machines really made people choose to spend their eyes. But overall, this year’s mainstream is still in the screen, after all, the performance of each flagship is enough. Of course, we may have overlooked two points. One is the endurance and the other is the sound quality. These two points are also very important. Of course, today I want to talk to you about iqoo5, a brand-new flagship aircraft, which claims to have three 120, so how fierce is it?

when you see 120Hz, you should all know that this mobile phone will use a 120Hz screen. Of course, this 120Hz screen is different. It is a 120Hz Samsung AMOLED flexible screen and supports 240Hz touch rate. To tell you the truth, I’m using a 90hz Samsung AMOLED screen. I feel really good. I’m looking forward to experiencing the 120Hz Samsung AMOLED screen as soon as possible. The screen is also certified by SGS screen. The harmful blue light is less than 7.5%, the dynamic drag length is as low as 0.7mm, and the dynamic image response time is only 11ms. Of course, in addition, the phone also supports hdr10 + screen authentication. The light will not be exposed too much, so it is very comfortable to watch videos.

seeing this 120dB, it is estimated that many partners can guess that this is the aspect of sound quality. Iqoo5 supports 120 minutes full immersion sound quality. In fact, I never worry about the sound quality of vivo mobile phone, because vivo’s hHIFI sound quality is really awesome. The mobile phone is equipped with a 120dB high dynamic hifi chip, from bass to treble, with rich details and clear layers. Of course, there is also a belief, that is, the “small gold standard”. Many people buy mobile phones and even go straight to the small gold standard to buy. This support hi res wired and wireless dual authentication, can bring you super CD level lossless sound quality. In addition, iqoo5 also has super linear large amplitude stereo dual speakers, which can bring shocking surround sound and immersive audio-visual experience. Of course, there are many advantages of dual speakers, such as playing the game of eating chicken, which can directly listen to the voice and identify the position, thus avoiding the need for many people to wear headphones and so on.

when we see this 120W, we should all know that it is the fast charging of 120W, that is, the charging power. At present, the fast charging on the market is very good. Of course, the author refers to domestic mobile phones. After all, apple mobile phones are relatively conservative in terms of fast charging. Domestic fast charging mobile phones are not surprising. Most of them are above 30W. Fast charging is very important for a mobile phone, especially 5g mobile phone. After thinking about it, if you are about to go out and find that the power of your mobile phone is less than 20%, do you dare to go out? It is estimated that many people will wait for a recharge before going out. They don’t need to be full of 100%, at least 80% of them need to be recharged. Vivo iqoo5 this product’s 120W fast charging, maybe many people have no idea. How fast can it be? In terms of data, it is 50% in 5 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes. It seems that this speed is really frightening. I can’t imagine that 15 minutes is not enough time to eat.

iqoo5 is directly on the 120Hz screen, with 120dB high dynamic hifi and 120W fast charging. This is very good for any mobile phone. Of course, the author believes that this mobile phone has more functions, which is worth looking forward to. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia