Musk: the world’s largest die casting machine at Tesla factory has been installed to allow the rear of the body to be integrated

Recently, a netizen disclosed on the social network that the die casting machine prepared by Tesla felimont factory for model y has been installed and @ musk. < / P > < p > musk said he would be very excited to see the die casting equipment at Tesla Fremont, the world’s largest die-casting machine, which can integrate the rear of the body, including the crash beam. < / P > < p > die casting machine is a kind of die casting machine, which includes hot pressing chamber and cold pressing chamber. Later, they are divided into two types: straight type and horizontal type. Under pressure, the die-casting machine injects molten metal into the mold to cool and form. After opening the mold, the solid metal casting can be obtained, which is initially used for die-casting type. With the progress of science and technology and industrial production, especially with the development of automobile, motorcycle and household appliances, die casting technology has been developed rapidly. < / P > < p > at present, there are some problems in the process of vehicle die-casting: in the process of frame production and die-casting, different die-casting machines are required for different parts of the frame. A single die-casting machine in the factory is used to die-casting single frame components. Then, the factory workers or robot system will assemble or fix the die-casting components of each die-casting machine together to form a frame. As a result, automobile parts usually need high cost in die casting process, so it is necessary to improve die-casting machine and related die-casting methods, especially to reduce the die-casting work of final assembly frame. < / P > < p > according to reports, Tesla’s top executive Tao Lin said that Tesla’s die-casting machine uses the latest aluminum casting process, which will reduce the casting parts of Tesla Model y from 70 to 4, and then to 1, while greatly improving the structural stability of the body. < / P > < p > in response, musk said: “Tesla is using aluminum castings instead of a series of stampings. We’re going to reduce it from 70 parts to 4 parts, then one part, to reduce weight, improve MBH, reduce costs and significantly reduce capital expenditure, for all robots that used to put 70 parts together. ” < / P > < p > today, Tesla has made several major manufacturing improvements to the model y production plan, including the creation of a huge new casting machine to produce most of the frame of a model y. < / P > < p > Tesla plans to simplify the design of its future transportation platform and achieve higher automation in the manufacturing process. In the summer of 2019, the company issued a patent “multidirectional integrated casting machine for frame and related methods”, which disclosed a new type of casting machine that Tesla plans to use for Y-type. < / P > < p > according to relevant reports, the purpose of the design is to “reduce construction time, operating costs, manufacturing costs, plant floor space, plant operating costs, tool costs and / or number of equipment.” The automaker said it would reduce the number of casters needed to build the frame, and could even build “complete or substantially complete” frames on its own. < / P > < p > in fact, the car body in the welding process is characterized by an obvious sequence. Therefore, the production of the frame by the whole piece method will not only improve the automation rate of the automobile main engine plant, but also effectively reduce the construction time, operation cost, manufacturing cost, factory floor space, processing cost and equipment quantity. < / P > < p > and this technology will be realized by multi-directional die casting machine, including a die with vehicle panel and several punch dies that can be translated relative to the panel die. This kind of punch mold will move to the casting area in the center of the casting machine, responsible for the casting of different parts, and complete most of the frame casting work on one machine. < / P > < p > this production method has many advantages, ranging from saving resources and production time to improving vehicle performance. The all-in-one design will greatly reduce the weight, resulting in better battery economy, better handling and driving comfort, and more safety, because the whole body can better absorb energy in an accident. However, as far as casting itself is concerned, the casting process is suitable for the manufacturing of thin-walled parts with complex shapes and cavities, and its advantage lies in the integrated design and manufacturing of parts. The “integrated casting” technology will further strengthen this advantage, integrate multiple parts on the frame into a whole, complete the molding through one casting, and greatly simplify the supply chain matching. < / P > < p > on August 5, 2019, tesmanian reported that Tesla’s Y-type giant casting machine was discovered at the Fremont plant in California. Now, musk is eagerly waiting for its activation. < / P > < p > according to the patent, the multi-directional die casting machine according to the current frame configuration includes a die with a vehicle panel and several punch dies that can be translated relative to the panel die. This kind of punch mold will move to the casting area in the center of the casting machine to be responsible for the casting of different parts, and complete most of the frame casting work on one machine. < / P > < p > it is reported that each Tesla plant will install the same single piece casting machine for the y-mold, which will significantly improve the quality of the y-mold, increase production speed and reduce costs. This will enable Tesla to reduce its car prices and accelerate its expansion into all automotive markets around the world. Tesla shares rose 1.83% to $1650.71 as of Friday’s local time close, with a total market value of about $307.629 billion. 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