Naked eye 3D, how much gold mining potential is hidden?

On November 27, a handsome virtual idol little brother appeared on the naked eye 3D screen in taiguli, Chengdu. The little brother made various cute actions to burst the watch, which made the visual effect very shocking, causing countless passers-by to stop to watch. < p > < p > since May this year, wave giant wave display screen in South Korea, naked eye 3D spaceship in Chengdu, and light of Asia screen in Chongqing 3788 have become popular one after another, making naked eye 3D one of the hottest words in outdoor media industry this year, and also refreshing people’s new cognition of naked eye 3D display technology. It can be seen that 3D naked eye technology makes outdoor media return to the public’s attention, and brings visual shock to people with amazing display effect. When more and more application cases emerge, it means that outdoor large screen has made new progress in products and technology, and is also being further accepted by the market. < / P > < p > with the application of LED outdoor large screen more and more widely, people have higher requirements for it. Now people are not only satisfied with the simple two-dimensional plane display, but also hope to restore the real world’s three-dimensional information. Therefore, the application of 3D display technology in outdoor media has become a hot topic and direction in the industry in recent years. < / P > < p > in May this year, dstrict, a local design company focusing on image, space and visual experience, designed a huge LED installation art: “wave” at Coex K-pop square in Seoul, South Korea. In fact, this is a huge bare eye 3D led curved screen. The whole screen consists of two screens with more than 30000 independent LED display modules, covering an area of 1620 square meters, equivalent to the size of four basketball courts. In order to make the effect more realistic, the production team also installed audio devices on the screen to simulate the sound effect of the waves beating on the glass, and adjusted the display effect according to the light, so that the audience could hardly distinguish the true from the false from the various angles. < p > < p > in October, the giant screen of naked eye 3D spaceship in taiguli street of Chengdu was shocked and lit up. The cool black technology display instantly triggered the national and even overseas media to forward comments. A large number of tourists rushed to the scene to experience the extreme visual experience brought by the large screen. Many overseas netizens praised China’s black technology crazily, which refreshed the world’s new understanding of China’s display technology. On the “3788 light of Asia” outdoor screen of Chongqing Guanyinqiao pedestrian street, two shocking naked eye 3D shows were staged successively. The first case takes “future city” as the theme. Spaceships and robot boxes are shown on the screen one by one. According to incomplete statistics, the data transmitted by the naked eye 3D project in the whole network has exceeded 100 million, which has been reported by official media and micro blog big V such as China News network and China Singapore video. At the beginning of November, the “3788 light of Asia” screen was upgraded and updated, with a new 2.0 version of naked eye 3D Chongqing Light Rail surprise online, reappearance of Chongqing’s landmark tourist attraction “rail through the building”: beside the music square of Guanyinqiao pedestrian street, a monorail printed with 3788 “drove out of the” light of Asia “giant screen, causing a burst of exclamation from the onlookers. As soon as the naked eye 3D content of version 2.0 was updated, its vivid stereo visual effect attracted continuous cheers and exclamations from the crowd. The citizens and tourists raised their mobile phones to record the visual feast. 3788 Asia light naked eye 3D 1.0 version 3788 Asia light naked 3D 2.0 version < / P > < p > naked eye 3D, as the name implies, can also improve the visual effect and experience of 3D viewing after getting rid of the shackles of 3D glasses. In fact, the so-called naked eye 3D is the use of visual displacement to “cheat” the visual nerve. The distance between the human eyes is about 6cm, which means that when you are looking at an object, the two eyes are looking from the left and right views respectively. The left eye sees the left side of the object, while the right eye sees the middle or right side of the object. When the two sides of the retina are imaged, the stereoscopic effect will be obtained by combining the two sides of the retina. < p > < p > the D strict creative team, which set off a “huge wave” on the streets of Seoul, said that some of the techniques used could be traced back to the “deformation” principle proposed in the Renaissance. In other words, this is a kind of distorted projection or perspective. When people look at it from a certain angle, they will be shocked by the ingenious design and composition. < / P > < p > and the representative case mentioned above is precisely under the blessing of naked eye 3D technology, the viewer can see the picture with spatial sense and three-dimensional sense without the aid of 3D glasses and other auxiliary equipment, which produces strong visual impact. Sun Wei, senior optoelectronic engineer of LianJian, once interpreted the naked eye 3D on outdoor large screen in an interview. He pointed out that in terms of hardware, naked eye 3dled displays pay more attention to high refresh, high gray scale, high dynamic contrast, and smooth transition of surface / corner compared with traditional products. In recent years, in addition to the progress of hardware and software, the improvement of the production level of materials has also played a greater role. At present, video manufacturing is polished according to the requirements of high-quality products. In addition, the artistry of structural modeling makes the traditional flat screen no longer limited, and has more imagination space. < / P > < p > in early February this year, Wanyu technology group of Hong Kong developed a 3D Artificial Intelligence Language customer service system based on its flagship product 3D hanging image system to meet the needs of no contact in public places for inquiry and service in the epidemic situation. It was put into operation at Kai Tak station of the Tun MA line of the Hong Kong Metro on February 14. In the station, passengers can touch the inquiry screen to inquire about the facilities and bus routes of the station to the attendant “tiezai” displayed in the form of 3D hologram. < / P > < p > as early as Christmas in 2018, Pandora jewelry Hong Kong stores used 3D holographic projection system to display new Christmas products, attracting visitors to stop to watch the exhibition or enter the store experience, with a year-on-year increase of 40%. < / P > < p > it can be seen that with the development of technology, outdoor media has more and more creative forms of expression, and can also have direct dialogue with consumers to help advertisers fully display brand characteristics and advantages. In an article published in 2003, scholar L. Wallace predicted that the future of cities would evolve into a “screen world”. He pointed out that people will live in the enclosure of the screen, and the space we live in becomes the “media space”. People interact with the world through the media such as the screen. According to Zhiyan Consulting Group, the scale of China’s outdoor electronic screens reached 13.102 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 11% compared with 2015, while the market scale of super large LED electronic screens was 2.354 billion yuan, an increase of 13% compared with 2015. Under the trend of new retail formats, the market of outdoor advertising media continues to rise. < / P > < p > with the development of display technology, the screen not only improves the image quality and size, but also changes the interaction mode between users and mobile phones. The outdoor large screen is not only a one-way display, but also has more interaction with the public. As mentioned above, dstrict has set off a “huge wave” on the streets of Seoul. In 2014, dstrict made a special large screen for SLS hotel in Las Vegas, which can interact with customers through AR, VR and other technologies. < / P > < p > besides “Shibuya modi”, a large shopping mall in Shibuya, Japan, there is also a large screen “Sony vision Shibuya” built by Sony. A 4K camera at the top of the screen is used to capture the actions of pedestrians in real time, so that pedestrians can interact with animated characters on the screen. < p > < p > Midea, a well-known domestic electrical appliance brand, has also launched “human screen interaction” on the large screen of Guangzhou wanlinghui. On the big screen, a girl is unhappy because of the hot weather, and passers-by can scan the QR code on the big screen to help make the circulation fan of beauty “move”. The more people helped, the stronger the wind, the picture also changed: the girl’s hair was flying, her expression changed from sullen to happy, and the city was full of cool breeze. < / P > < p > in many types of outdoor media, the more interactive outdoor advertising is, the more likely people will have the idea of sharing. Such outdoor advertising can not only convey information to users, but also actively attract the audience to participate in it by taking advantage of the rich outdoor places it is located in. It is the audience spontaneously spreads in the process of participation and receives advertising information through entertainment experience. The interaction between consumers and intelligent large screen, on the one hand, can make the interactive effect more intuitive, and consumers can experience better visual effect; on the other hand, it also highlights the unique value of outdoor media. < / P > < p > as Chen Jinrong, Dean of the school of Journalism and communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said, the urban public screen is becoming a connecting point to connect and expand individual public experience and consciousness. Summary: when outdoor large screen becomes the most significant visual feature of contemporary cities, it can not only be a window of consumerism and popular culture, but also provide a stage for public discussion and artistic expression. With the gradual maturity of technology, outdoor media will have a richer way of interpretation, leading to rebound opportunities. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!