National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice, your county will have these changes!

The general office of the national development and Reform Commission recently issued a request to guide all regions in an orderly way to promote the smart transformation of county towns according to local conditions. What will happen to your county? Let’s look at it together – < / P > < p > promote the digital construction and transformation of county public infrastructure. We will accelerate the construction of digital terminals and systems in the fields of transportation, water, electricity and heat. We will promote the deployment of IOT sensing facilities in key areas such as industry, transportation and logistics. Explore the construction of supporting facilities for UAV and robot operation, and coordinate the deployment of intelligent facilities for medical waste treatment. Work to make data run the road < / P > < p > deepen the sharing of government data resources. We will promote the integration and sharing of data among public sectors such as emergency response, municipal administration, transportation, health and community. Intensive construction of data center, promote cross level data sharing and business collaboration with provincial and municipal platforms. Combined with the needs of the scene, we should build comprehensive and integrated big data application platform, promote the intelligent application in the public domain, support the healthy and efficient operation of the county and the quick and intelligent response of the emergency, promote the “Internet plus government service”, and deepen the service “one network through the office” and “one network management system”. Use the network faster and safer < / P > < p > to promote the construction of new infrastructure, accelerate the scale deployment and commercial application of 5g network, promote the construction of 5g base stations and supporting networks in key areas such as stations, communities and shopping malls, continuously optimize the 4G network coverage in areas with weak infrastructure, promote the expansion of backbone network and metropolitan area network, and promote the popularization of household broadband Gigabit and 100m access. We will complete the network security protection system and promote the integration of network security and intelligent transformation. We will implement the requirements of the network security responsibility system and improve the intelligent transformation of the network security management system. We will conscientiously implement the national network security level protection, network security review, cloud computing procurement services, national password management and other relevant regulations, purchase and deploy safe and reliable software and hardware products, and have systematic security protection capabilities matching the level of intelligence. Digital industrial development < / P > < p > build digital supply chain, promote supply chain elements data and data elements supply chain, and support industries to build digital ecosystem with digital supply chain. We will build a digital transformation service platform for agriculture, manufacturing, service industries and other industries, promote enterprises to “go to the cloud and use data for intelligence”, improve the level of industrial digitization, cultivate intelligent application scenarios for primary, secondary and tertiary industries, promote intelligent transformation and industrial collaborative development, and focus on supporting demonstrative, leading and driving construction projects serving the country, province and city. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia