National first million insurance guard fitness army! Shandong sports consumption season warm heart insurance coupon will be launched soon!

With the epidemic situation gradually under control, sports events and activities are gradually liberalized, and sports consumption demand is gradually warming up, but there are also problems that can not be ignored. Forced isolation at home for a few months, how about the physical fitness of sports enthusiasts? It is well known that people’s physical function will gradually decline with the increase of age, the change of body shape and the decrease of exercise intensity. At this time, the risk of accidental injury will be significantly higher than the normal level when participating in fitness activities and sports events.

with “coupons” in hand, but worried about sports safety? don ‘t panic! The intimate Shandong sports consumption season has prepared a “warm” gift for you!

the Sports Bureau of Shandong Province initiated the “sports welfare + sports insurance” security mode for the first time in the whole country. It not only provides subsidies for the people, but also effectively avoids the risk of mass sports, and plays a powerful role in promoting the awareness of sports insurance.

Shandong sports industry public service platform, together with China’s leading Internet sports insurance customized platform, developed customized security services. Users will automatically receive an insurance guarantee when they receive and write off the coupons in the sports consumption season. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new

pneumonia. The protection scheme covers the accident, death, disability and accident medical care during the movement. It also extends the death protection of class A infectious diseases. The multi-dimensional coverage of the protection scope enables sports fans to get rid of their “shackles” and regain the beauty and happiness of life endowed by sports! Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia