National “software New Deal” issued by Inspur Group Wang Baihua suggested policies should benefit ecological construction

On August 4, it was printed and distributed by the State Council. As a new version of “No.18 document” issued 20 years ago, this document has attracted wide attention in the industry. In an interview with the media, Wang Baihua, CEO of Inspur Group, believed that the introduction of the policy conforms to the demand changes of the ICT industry in the new period, and will bring positive promotion to the development of the whole industry. Wang Baihua stressed that the integrated circuit and software industry are the “core” and “soul” of the ICT industry, and both need the support of national policies, which are the same on a global scale. In the past, with the rapid development of China’s software industry, policies have played an important role. Twenty years ago, the State Council issued the policy to boost China’s software industry into a period of rapid development. Statistics show that: in 2000, the business income of the national software industry was 59.3 billion yuan, the export was 400 million US dollars, and the employees were 210000 people; in 2019, the business income of the national software industry reached 7176.8 billion yuan, and the export was 50.53 billion US dollars, with 6.73 million employees. The new policies provide support for these two basic industries from the aspects of Finance and taxation, investment and financing, research and development, import and export, talents, intellectual property rights, market application and international cooperation. In Wang Baihua’s opinion, it is to strengthen the “core” and help the “soul”. The policy will also play a guiding role in the capital market and social understanding, and can strengthen the attention and attention of capital and public opinion on “integrated circuits and software”. < / P > < p > in the new policy, it is clearly proposed to focus on “research and development of key core technologies of basic software, industrial software and application software, and constantly explore the construction of a new national system for tackling key core technologies under the conditions of socialist market economy”. In this regard, Wang Baihua believes that the core of the development of basic software such as operating system, database and middleware is to strengthen ecological construction. Only by forming an ecosystem can it be popularized and applied. For example, behind Intel and Microsoft, there are millions of software enterprises developing various products based on their technologies. He suggested that around the user scenarios of finance, telecommunications, power and transportation, the platform ecological enterprises should be encouraged to gather technical resources, and improve the entire industrial chain while meeting the application of scenarios. < p > < p > for the development of industrial software, Wang Baihua believes that policy support and promotion is particularly important. He said that in the next 30 years, the industrial Internet will completely change the production system, and industrial software is the core of the industrial Internet. At present, industrial software mainly relies on imports, and the development of domestic industrial software can not only rely on market means, but also be supported by policies. < / P > < p > at present, the entire ICT industry has entered the Internet era, and the software platform and network has become a trend. In the new era, there is an urgent need for policy guidance and support for the transformation and development of software enterprises. < p > < p > although Inspur was born in hardware, it attached great importance to the development of software industry, and put forward the development idea of “software and hardware integration” as early as 20 years ago. Today, Inspur owns two software listed companies, Inspur software and Inspur international. The software business of Inspur is going down from application to platform development and to cloud service, from industry application software as the core business to providing SaaS services such as cloud ERP, DAAS platform software and cloud collaboration. Following the trend of technology and application, Inspur’s software business has maintained rapid growth and has become the leading enterprise in the domestic software industry. In 2019, Inspur ranked fourth among the top 100 software enterprises. < / P > < p > “if we say that the software industry is a big tree, at present, domestic software enterprises mostly play the role of branches and leaves, but lack of roots and trunks. We hope that policies can support more enterprises to develop into roots and trunks.” Wang Baihua said so. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865