Nature: the outflow of scientific research talents from China will be a great loss to the United States

According to a May 29 presidential statement, the United States has revoked the visa of more than 1000 Chinese citizens, suspended students and researchers with security risks from entering China, and stressed that the revocation of these visas was mainly “aimed at some Chinese graduate students and researchers who are associated with China’s military integration strategy, a state Department spokesman said on Wednesday To prevent them from stealing or otherwise misappropriating sensitive research. “. After the news was released, there was a heated discussion in the Chinese community. According to the analysis of a study abroad information agency, “most of the students affected are already studying in the United States No one in the United States has received a deportation order However, there is no doubt that the latest policy will further aggravate the concerns of Chinese scientists in the United States. In fact, an editorial published in a British magazine on Monday pointed out that “the outflow of a large number of foreign scientists will be a great loss to American science”. It is mentioned in the article that President Donald Trump and other US political figures accused the Chinese government of using students and researchers to illegally acquire US intellectual property rights, and reviewed various “limited” behaviors of the US government since this period of time. < / P > < p > since 2018, US government agencies have imposed increasingly stringent visa restrictions on Chinese people and controlled the sharing of research results with China. In addition to targeting Chinese researchers, a number of US researchers who are funded by the National Institutes of health or the National Science Foundation of the United States and are associated with China have also been investigated in the name of suspected illegal funding provisions. In a report in June, NIH said it had investigated 189 researchers suspected of violating research or institutional rules. Of the respondents, 93% are associated with China and 82% are from Asia. In the past two months, four Chinese researchers in the U.S. have been charged with visa fraud for failing to disclose contact with the Chinese military. In fact, this series of changes also marks a new stage of Sino US scientific research relations. The consequence of all these investigations is that it scares people about the current situation and makes researchers “nervous”, “unable to concentrate on their work” and “consider leaving,” said an immigration lawyer. Steven Chu, a physicist and Nobel laureate at Stanford University in California, expressed his speculation: “someone must have left.”. Alice Huang, a biologist at the California Institute of technology, said about four Chinese researchers had left the United States in the past two years. Some leave for fear of being targeted by the FBI or NIH, or afraid of being investigated. But she believes that the number of researchers leaving the United States far exceeds those she has heard of. Huang is worried that “we are destroying our own scientific cause.”. Another anonymous Mr. Zhu revealed that he knew a Chinese citizen and received his doctorate in the United States, but he chose to accept a teaching post in China because he realized that the American environment was not friendly to Chinese researchers. In addition, he has received letters from some researchers who feel unwelcome in the United States and worry about losing their jobs or competing for funds in their countries of origin. Although some researchers around him are looking for opportunities to return to China, Mr Zhu is trying to persuade them not to leave. He said, “without immigrant scientists, we will become a second rate country in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”. < / P > < p > Frank Wu, President of Queen’s College in New York, has been helping researchers find the right lawyer. He noted that Chinese American researchers are increasingly seeking legal advice because they are worried that the government or institutions will investigate them and that their lives will be destroyed for no reason. His most obvious feeling is that in the past two years, the number of calls from researchers who need to seek a lawyer has suddenly increased to dozens, and there was no such demand before. < / P > < p > “it’s hard to measure whether a large number of Chinese scientists have left the United States due to the government, because such data are not routinely collected,” said Brad Farnsworth, vice president of the US Council for global participation in education Lieber, who was arrested in January on suspicion of making a false statement about his relationship with China, has made Chinese American researchers more worried about being censored or investigated. They must be more anxious than usual. “. Not so, an FBI spokesman told the magazine in a statement. They will not investigate illegal activities or threaten national security solely on the basis of race, ethnic characteristics or nationality. “It is unreasonable for the FBI to require any university company or other entity to describe individuals according to their race,” the statement said. A spokesman for NIH pointed out that most researchers are loyal contributors to the development of scientific knowledge. But in the past few years, the agency has realized that foreign entities have targeted some American scientists, which has led to deliberate violations of the terms of use of funds for personal gain. When the NIH discovers the threat, it will inform the funding agencies and ask them to investigate, which does not exclude the investigation with the assistance of the FBI. Adam Hickey, Deputy Attorney General of the U.S. Department of national security, said that the Department of justice had never prosecuted the researchers based on their ethnicity. But Hickey also mentioned that a large proportion of their department’s “China Initiative” operations are of Chinese origin. So far, the initiative has initiated several prosecutions against academia, mainly involving tax evasion, grant fraud, or misrepresentation to overseas subsidiaries. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo