Nearly half of iPhone users in the United States believe that their iPhone already has 5g network

An interesting study of Apple iPhone users from all U.S. carriers found that 49 percent of them believe their phones are currently shaking 5g connections. But as most people know, there is no iPhone model that supports the next generation 5g wireless connection. The survey, conducted by global wireless solutions, shows iPhone users are not sure if their phones support 5g. Of all smartphone users surveyed, 29 percent said they did not know if the phone could access 5g signals. Narrowing the scale to people who bought new smartphones this year alone, 24 percent are not sure if their phones are connected to 5g networks. When it comes to 5g networks, 38 percent of the 5000 consumers surveyed don’t know if they buy wireless operators who provide 5g services where they live. As the download speed is 10 times faster than 4G, consumers with 5g will be able to download movies in seconds rather than minutes. Will create new businesses and industries, faster downloading and low latency will lead autopilot cars and so on. But for many, it’s hard to see the benefits 5g will bring to the public. This may be due to the fact that the mmwave 5g signal in the United States provides faster data transmission speed but short distance. Both T-Mobile and at & T in the United States use 5g spectrum as the basis of their 5g network. The only problem with these so-called radio waves below 6GHz is that they cannot provide super fast 5g speeds like mmwave signals. In the three major U.S. operators, T-Mobile is using a spectrum that includes a bottom 600MHz low frequency segment to provide coverage across the state. The 2.5GHz frequency band spectrum obtained from Sprint transactions will be deployed in rural areas of the country to ensure that Americans living in the forest can get faster data. T-Mobile will eventually add more millimeter wave spectrum to add 5g to its top. Verizon, on the other hand, has been sticking to millimeter wave spectrum. The shorter the distance of radio wave propagation in such high frequency segment, the slower the 5g set up that Verizon customers have been dealing with. Verizon will introduce its own low frequency segment by the end of the year, and will join T-Mobile and at & T at the same time. People surveyed in the United States said they were very excited about 5g’s expected faster data speed, which attracted 54 percent of respondents. 16 percent said they were excited about improved HD video calls / meetings, while 13 percent were excited about the quality of video streaming 5g should have. 8 percent can’t wait to think that toys have a better video game experience with 5g. The fact that Apple will release its first 5g iPhone, the first Apple phone to support, will shock 49 percent of respondents that their iPhone is already available for 5g. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia