NEC develops a new face recognition system

NEC Corp has introduced a new face recognition system that can recognize you even when wearing a mask. The system is to adapt to the current new normal. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, wearing masks has become a part of daily life.

Before the emergence of COVID-19, this company had already begun to develop a face recognition system, mainly to meet the needs of patients who choose to wear masks due to allergies. Wearing masks is a common practice in Japan. The global pandemic of the new crown epidemic has accelerated the development and launch of this product.

Shinya Takashima, Assistant Manager of NEC’s Digital Platform Department, said: “Due to the new coronavirus epidemic, we were in a state of emergency last year and the demand has increased further, so we are now introducing this technology into the market.”

This system can determine whether people are wearing a mask, and polish the parts that are not covered by the mask, such as the eyes and surrounding areas, to verify the identity of the subject. Before using the system, users need to register a photo of their face in advance.

NEC stated that the verification time is less than 1 second and the accuracy rate exceeds 99.9%.