NEC shows immersive “underwater world” at the high tech Fair

From November 11 to 15, the 22nd China International hi tech Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. During this period, NEC made a high-profile appearance in the photoelectric display exhibition of the high-tech fair with professional display products to show the technical strength and strong innovation ability of NEC. < / P > < p > to have a close contact with the mysterious marine life must be a little dream of many people. This time, you don’t need deep-sea diving, just come to stand 3d03 of hall 3 of the high tech fair, and your dream will come true. The immersive three fold screen and ground interactive exhibition project created by three NEC laser liquid crystal projectors pa703ul + and one NEC ethereal series p605ul + will “move” the mysterious underwater world to the high-tech fair site. Visitors will be dazzled by the magical and lifelike underwater world, and they will be greatly praised. < / P > < p > the immersive three fold screen, through three NEC laser liquid crystal projectors pa703ul +, uses projection fusion technology to create a large seamless realistic picture, making the viewer feel as if they are in a magical underwater world, and experience a magical underwater journey. NEC pa703ul + with rec.2020 wide color gamut has a wider range of colors, and the color performance is more colorful; the ultra-high contrast of 2500000:1 makes the level sense of the picture stronger, and the visual feeling has more impact and three-dimensional feeling. The clear and bright pictures, shocking visual effects and the unique technical advantages of the film make the audience feel more immersive in the high-quality sound painting environment. < / P > < p > using a NEC laser LCD projector p605ul + equipped with radar eye touch system, the ground interactive exhibition is also wonderful. By walking, people can interact with Huahai, Koi and frog in lotus pond. When the audience enters, the sea of flowers blooms, Koi plays and frogs play. The charm of nature makes the audience intoxicated. Not only that, the audience can also have a simple game of fruit cutting by means of double foot stroke. < / P > < p > the immersive “underwater world” exhibition is just one of the many classic cases created by NEC projection. Due to its high-quality product quality and leading innovative technology, NEC has built many benchmark cases such as Changying Global 100 fantasy Park, ball screen cinema of China Science and Technology Museum, and the world’s largest water curtain projection of Bailu Lake in Zunyi. Thanks to the current trend that culture, tourism, leisure and other fields have become China’s new economic growth point, more and more science and technology museums, ocean pavilions, theme parks and other places are rising relying on projection technology. The amazing appearance of the high tech Fair will make NEC projection cool out of the circle and help create new lighting and shadow experience in more fields. < / P > < p > in 2020, the sudden epidemic situation has changed people’s lifestyle and work style. The demand for remote office, telemedicine, online education, online live broadcast and other requirements are rising rapidly. Intelligent conference tablet with remote collaboration, video conference and other functions is favored. At the exhibition site, the 75 inch netrix intelligent interactive tablet ns751r continuously played NEC’s brand propaganda films and classic video cases, conveying NEC’s century old ingenuity spirit and strong enterprise strength to the audience, fully demonstrating NEC’s brand concept of constantly complying with the industry trend and driving development with innovation. < p > < p > netrix intelligent interactive tablet is a brand-new display product series specially designed, developed and manufactured by NEC for the Chinese market in order to adapt to the mobile Internet era and improve the interactive application experience. With the strong performance of 4K ultra high definition display, intelligent writing, wireless screen projection, video conference, remote cooperation, and dual 5g module, netrix has been widely used in remote office, smart medical, smart government, finance, education and other fields since its inception, and will become a new choice for more scene applications in the future. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!