Need to change? Wait a minute, iPhone se2 is about to usher in the most fierce price reduction discount, out of date!

Although the second half of the mobile phone industry so far, there has been no major incident. In other words, after two months, there is nothing worth discussing except the Baiwa express, Lei Jun speech and Samsung’s release of a high-end computer. However, in fact, it’s going to start soon. After all, the rain is coming and the wind is all over the building. All the small skirmishes in front of us are to pave the way for the leading actor to appear on the stage. < / P > < p > in the second half of this year, the most anticipated flagship mobile phone product in the mobile phone industry is the iPhone 12 series. Of course, Huawei mate 40 series and Samsung note20 series are also worth looking forward to. However, as Apple’s first iPhone to support 5g network, it has received much more attention than ever before. < / P > < p > not to mention that a large number of old iPhone users around the world have been waiting to experience 5g network, cook’s expectations for the iPhone 12 series are quite high. After all, in the first quarter of this year, due to the well-known epidemic, the global sales of the iPhone series fell sharply, even allowing Huawei mobile phones to take the lead in global shipment. This is due to Huawei’s efforts in mobile phones and the shortage of iPhones. Now that the iPhone 12 series is about to be released, cook naturally wants to take advantage of this opportunity to recapture the lost shipping volume, or even take the opportunity to take back the domestic market share once lost. < / P > < p > according to the Convention, before the release of the iPhone 12 series, the previous generation of products will usher in a big price reduction sales window, which is also to clear the inventory and better prepare for the iPhone 12 series shipment. But we see that the price of the iPhone 11 series has been reduced, but there is no news about the SE version of Pratt & Whitney. Finally, according to the latest news, the price reduction of the old model has also arranged for the iPhone se2. < / P > < p > according to the news, the price of the 2020 iPhone se may start at $399 or $349. No matter what the price is, if we continue to lower the price, the iPhone se will be expected to become the lowest price product in the history of iPhone. The brand, system and processor of iPhone plus the price of more than 300 dollars are the proper price performance ratio! What’s more, the 2020 iPhone se is likely to cut its price by $100 in 2021, which means a new iPhone SE model has been scheduled. < / P > < p > such a good cost-effective product, once determined, will have a great impact on the main brand of cost performance. For example, Huawei’s Changxiang series and Nova series, and Xiaomi’s mid end products. After all, according to previous management, once the iPhone 12 series is on sale, the previous generation of products will reduce prices, clear inventory and even stop production directly. This may also be the best time to start with the old iPhone, but don’t miss it! Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”