Netizen: Thank you! After experiencing the iPhone 12, the three flagship models are more fragrant

With the official launch of the new iPhone 12 on the 23rd, many netizens have got the real machine in the past two days and have experienced it for the first time. How do you really feel? At present, the rate of favorable comment is around 96%, make complaints about the problem more concentrated, and cut the hands, signal difference, battery is not durable, no charger and so on. After this wave of experience, looking back, these three flagship aircraft are more fragrant. Although the iPhone 11 was last year’s product, its price is now only more than 4K, which not only has obvious price reduction benefits compared with the 5K when it came into the market, but also is much cheaper than the more 6K iPhone 12. At present, the price of this model has increased in some channels. It can be seen that many netizens “dislike” the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > in addition, in terms of battery life, the iPhone 11 can be said to be better than the iPhone 12, because it does not have 5g high power consumption, coupled with the 3110mah capacity battery which is larger than the iPhone 12 2851mah, the battery life of the iPhone 11 can reach 11 hours, which is more powerful than the iPhone 12’s 8 hours. In addition, the iPhone 11’s dual camera, Liu Hai screen looks comparable to the iPhone 12, and the hardware A13 is not inferior. Overall, the iPhone 11 is more cost-effective. < p > < p > Huawei P40 Pro now has more than 5K price of 8 + 128GB, which is obviously superior to the 64GB iPhone 12. At the same time, as Huawei’s flagship product with high-end and high configuration in the first half of the year, the machine is full of quality in all aspects. < / P > < p > first of all, the 50 million Leica four camera camera, which supports 50 times digital zoom, ranked first in DxOMark in the world in the first half of the year, and is still at the top of the list. This is definitely better than the dual camera function of the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > Second, the 4200mah battery life and 40W wired fast charging are obviously more sincere than the iPhone 12’s battery capacity reduction and no standard charger. Third, take a step back and look at the hardware performance. The Kirin 9905g SOC equipped with this aircraft also has 5g integration technology that A14 does not have, which is not lagging behind and losing the trend. Therefore, the comprehensive experience of Huawei P40 Pro must be more user-friendly. < / P > < p > if the price of Xiaomi 10 premium commemorative edition is the same as that of the iPhone 12, you can buy a 12 + 256gb mobile storage version, and there are still some. < / P > < p > more importantly, understand its configuration performance, and you will know that it is the “supreme” flagship product as it is named. The hardware stack is snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + ufs3.1. The screen supports 120Hz refresh rate, 120 times digital zoom for photographing, standard 120W wired fast charging, curved screen and 50W wireless fast charging. < / P > < p > not only has the shortcomings of the iPhone 12 been solved one by one, but the big memory and flagship chip are bound to last longer than the 64GB iPhone 12. < / P > < p > therefore, netizens who have experienced iPhone 12 are now recommended. Many of them say: Thank you. It’s not as fragrant as the three flagship models above! If you have a plan to buy a machine, which of the three models will you consider? American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?