Netizens query Suning central air conditioning installation fee free, Suning: do not play virtual welcome price comparison

In the field of central air conditioning, Suning has finally opened the “price potential”, which is undoubtedly good news for consumers. For the central air conditioner with installation cost as high as several hundred yuan for each internal unit, the installation labor cost is directly exempted, so that more users who pursue comfortable life can also place orders calmly and enjoy quality life earlier. < / P > < p > Suning has always been the pioneer and leader of free service in the field of home appliances. In March 2016, Suning first launched the free installation service of air conditioning, and then Suning color TV also started “three free services”, “free freight, free installation fee and free rack fee”. During the 2019 annual goods Festival, Suning’s offline stores launched the “free cleaning plan for ten thousand household appliances” Suning is also promoting a new free service model in the fields of communication 3C, sports and home decoration. < / P > < p > the extension of free service from air conditioning to the whole category of household appliances is an important reason why Suning has been able to break through from many home appliance service platforms and win the trust of consumers. As the “big guy” in household appliances, the labor cost of central air conditioning is naturally high. As a result, some HVAC companies and consumers have questioned that the installation fee is free. Is the income of installers reduced? Will the material cost be increased in disguise? In response, the head of Suning central air conditioning said that the reduced installation costs were from Suning e-buy’s 10 billion subsidy program, and there was no deduction of front-line installation workers’ income, let alone consumers “pay”. < p > < p > in May this year, Suning e-buy and Alibaba jointly announced an increase of “double 10 billion subsidies”, and the two sides jointly carried out in-depth subsidies for household appliances 3C products. The central air-conditioning installation fee is free, which is Suning’s 10 billion subsidy for home decoration consumers. Suning is also committed to the installation and maintenance of various categories of household appliances, which are verified to be overcharged, and will pay double compensation to users. < / P > < p > for a long time, there are many problems in the process of after-sales installation of central air-conditioning, such as inconsistent charging standards, opaque service fees, and overcharging of installation consumables. Consumers are more concerned about the quality of after-sales service on the basis of the pursuit of genuine goods, low price and other shopping needs. As the first retail enterprise in China to provide free installation fee, Suning will take this service upgrade as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the service quality of central air conditioning and commercialize the installation service. < / P > < p > different from Suning’s own installation team, the reasonable income of workers is guaranteed, and the service team of small HVAC companies is not stable. Most of the front-line installation workers do not have a basic salary, so they are “robbed” in peak season and “dried up” in off-season. Their income is difficult to guarantee, not to mention welfare security and vocational training. In July 2019, Jiangsu finance, trade, light and textile trade union and Jiangsu Household Appliance Association conducted an investigation on more than 1100 employees and 50 enterprises in the home appliance installation and maintenance industry. The survey shows that 13.3% of enterprises do not provide safety equipment for air conditioning installation and maintenance, 20.7% of enterprises are purchased by employees themselves, and more than 30% of enterprises do not conduct regular safety education and training. < / P > < p > with the poor stability of the service team, the service quality is also uneven. Some maintenance enterprises or installation and maintenance personnel hold the mentality of “not opening for half a year, opening for half a year”, and do not comply with the after-sales service regulations. In order to make more money, they perfunctorily charge fees, repair minor diseases or repair them without diseases, or raise prices to sell auxiliary materials and replace them with inferior ones. Finally, the interests of consumers are damaged. During the period of < p > < p > 818, Suning announced that the installation fee of central air conditioning would be free. In this way, Suning’s overall price was more favorable than that of other platforms, and there would be no hidden charges such as door-to-door fees and testing fees. Suning would inevitably become “the target of public criticism”. In the face of the opponent’s query and malicious attack, Suning response said: do not play virtual, welcome price comparison. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12