Netizens spent a month iPhone, Tucao iOS three big BUG, make complaints about more difficult than Android machine.

Netizens spent a month iPhone, BUG of Tucao iOS than Andrew, do you have a look make complaints about these BUG?

the first bug is that an app cannot be granted network permissions, which results in the app being unable to log in. It doesn’t work when you shut down or restart. In the end, you can only restore the settings.

the second bug is that I found that I couldn’t delete any audio files when I deleted them tonight. Every time you click delete files in the settings, you will find that these audio files are still there. Finally, I tried upgrading 13.6 to solve the problem.

I feel that these two bugs are serious. I have used Android for a year before, and there are no such bugs that need to be solved by upgrading the system. Just restart it at most.

Author: zmhuaxia