New air outlet! Tmall takes out new “nuclear weapons” to explore 20 trend industries

Since the beginning of this year, tmall has launched the largest scale new brand plan in history, and a large number of black horses broke out. And these black horses have a common feature: step on the trend industry. < p > < p > we often say that entrepreneurship means choosing the track, and choosing the right track will hit the wind outlet. For consumer brands, that outlet is to find the direction of fast-growing industries. In recent years, the fire in the Yuanqi forest, Wang satin and Xiaoxian stew are all like this. < / P > < p > based on this, tmall new product innovation center officially launched the “black horse factory” project, announced the first full opening of its own new product incubation and operation capabilities, and accelerated the innovation and trend supply of new products of industrial belt brands. < / P > < p > that is to say, when many brands are still in confusion, the black horse factory has gone to the forefront of the industry with directional guidance. Through the insight into the industrial trend, the brand and industrial volume can be doubled. Jun Yi, general manager of tmall brand marketing center of Alibaba group, believes that tmall’s new product innovation center has accumulated a lot of new product innovation experience in the past few years. There are a lot of common parts in the experience and ability of hatching new products and new brands. Therefore, he hopes to endow more brands, especially industrial brand innovation, through the black horse factory. According to the introduction, the goal of the black horse factory is to tap 20 trend industries throughout the year, and to find the next blockbuster for more than 1000 new and cutting-edge brands. These 20 trend industrial belts also represent the future of the industry. < / P > < p > “in China, after 20 years of accumulation of industrial manufacturing, flexible supply chain and mass manufacturing, we have no obstacles in production today, but we still lack the ability to face and understand consumers.” The vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of tmall consumer electronics business department and home decoration business department said at the meeting. < / P > < p > under the traditional mode, after a new product is approved, a brand often needs to find a consulting company, conduct market research, issue questionnaires, analyze data, and then plan and design new products and put them into production according to market feedback. This process is costly and the battle line is very long. A new product from project establishment to real launch usually takes years as a unit 。 < / P > < p > What’s more, before the new products are put on the market, they are in the state of making cars behind closed doors. Whether the market will pay the bills or not depends on the completion of mass production and listing, so as to receive feedback from consumers. < / P > < p > “many brands make new products, which is more like a bet. In order to cover more people as much as possible, they need to invest a lot of money to produce a lot of new products.” TMIC related person in charge said that this process caused a large number of new product waste, also led to the high cost of brand promotion. < / P > < p > it is precisely in view of this pain point that TMIC was established in 2017. Through accurate market analysis, it accelerates the product development process and greatly improves the success rate of new products. In this brand-new digital link, consumers can effectively join the flexible production process of brand, making new products become explosive products predictable. < / P > < p > the launch of the black horse factory project is that TMIC will further expand its years of experience and ability in serving new product innovation of big brands, and from the perspective of emerging industries, move forward more systematically the new product R & D capability of tmall new product innovation center, so that potential brands in the industry can have a chance to get faster development opportunities. < / P > < p > at present, the black horse factory has tested water in 14 industries and categories, including plant protein beverage, laundry beads, functional snacks, and chaoplay, and selected 500 brands for empowerment. Take the laundry beads as an example, in 2020, the clothing cleaning market will grow by more than 40%, of which the laundry beads will grow by 150%. < / P > < p > in the coming year, the black horse factory will explore 20 trend industries, empower 1000 new brands, and help 50 top new brands enter the 50 million level and 50 new brands into the ranks of 10 million.

last year, Paris L’OREAL, who wanted to cut into the face cream market, found its TMIC with its difficulties: how to find the first turning point for girls to discover the first signs of old age? How to give differentiated nursing care to young women according to their skin care needs?

for this reason, TMIC launched the “L’OREAL cream to recruit new partners” on the platform, and recruited 967 beauty lovers and brand fans in 3 days. Subsequently, TMIC selected 50 brand fans from the online community, and jointly developed 6-week in-depth product concept writing with R & D experts, brand managers and research experts. In the end,

discovered that the old scene of “staying up late” is the core of young women’s resistance to old age, and it helps L’OREAL Paris hatch a breakthrough “zero point cream” for L’OREAL. The new product was launched on August 2, 2019, and nearly 80000 pieces were ordered in less than a month. < / P > < p > let’s have a look at xiaomengniu electric hot pot in Jiuyang. Prior to its launch in September last year, through TMIC’s crowd insight, Jiuyang focused on the scene of 18-29-year-old female consumers “eating one person”. With consumer feedback, it determined the product shape of Mengchong. The new products completed within five months reached 50000 sales in the first week of marketing, which also became one of the most popular products of 11 Jiuyang last year. < / P > < p > Why are brands popular with TMIC? Through data analysis, brands can understand consumers’ pain points and preferences at the beginning to confirm the direction of product R & D and update iteration. After the brand develops new products, it can make products Contact consumers at the first time through online system tools. According to the consumer opinions and feedback, put the final products in line with consumer expectations into mass production. It is understood that the core operation link of black horse factory is industry mining trend release trend interpretation open course digital transformation summer camp new product testing practice practice listing. < / P > < p > that is to say, after TMIC discovers potential industries through data mining, TMIC will release the industry trend report, and then cooperate with the open course of trend interpretation and digital transformation summer camp, so that brand businesses can understand their industry potential, direction and opportunity points. < / P > < p > when a brand finds a suitable entry point and develops a new product, it can be directly tested online, allowing real consumers to vote to select which new products are worth putting into mass production and listing. < / P > < p > on the day when the “black horse factory” plan was officially launched, tmall new product innovation center, together with Taobao University, opened the “dark horse summer camp” to provide nearly 100 business representatives of brands, large and small, from various trend industries through rich closed training throughout the day. In the future, they will start practical exercises, and it is expected that tmall double 11 will realize the centralized listing of new products in 2020. < p > < p > GU Mai, vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of tmall’s FMCG and fashion business department, said: “Alibaba’s emphasis on the whole new brand strategy has formed a” talent selection mechanism. “. We hope that through selection at all levels, more good brands and good founders can stand out and step into China’s very broad and prosperous Internet world. ” Therefore, TMIC’s support for new brands not only stays in trend analysis, education and training, but also introduces a large number of data-based tools to assist business decision-making. < p > < p > last year, TMIC released the digital system of TMIC new products, which integrates incubator, management desk and knowledge base. In the process of new product research and development, the new product digital system can help businesses to complete the four steps of “opportunity mining, creative generation, concept verification and trial sales iteration” online and digitalized. < / P > < p > in the simulation test, the new products can be like ordinary products, making baby details page, selecting targeted groups for launch. The difference is that only when the consumer carries out the purchase or purchase action, the webpage will jump out of the prompt that the product is not yet on the market, and attract consumers to complete the questionnaire with interest points. < / P > < p > “the data is very real and the recycling process is fast.” The relevant person in charge said that this can quickly help the brand to realize the adjustment and optimization of new products, which have met the expectations of most consumers when they are put into production. < / P > < p > and intelligent measurement is more suitable to solve the problem of difficult selection. Last year, vans made preparations for tmall double 11 and used the system in the face of 96 commodity pools provided by the U.S. headquarters. Through participating in the choice of consumers, it will eventually focus on 35 potential explosive products. The average sell out rate of these models reached 75%, which is the best selling rate record of 68% in the past. < / P > < p > from “Chunlei plan” to “rocket growth plan”, then to “new brand growth plan”, as well as the “black horse factory plan”, Alibaba has never stopped in terms of new brand and new category empowerment. < / P > < p > because of this, TMIC, tmall u first, tmall small black box, etc. are first in the market, and the rich product matrix constitutes the new product ecology of tmall. < p > < p > for example, TMIC has already established a system with tmall U. before the new products come into the market, consumers can apply for free trial of these white bottle products, so that the brand can test the concept and verify the product in advance, and obtain consumer feedback. When new brands grow to a certain scale, there will be more marketing IP such as tmall black box and super rookie to support the brand. Skip to content

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