New choice of portrait shooting, Nicole Z 85mm f1.8s

Portrait shooting is a difficult subject for many photographers. In addition to some shooting skills, the use of suitable lens can also help us to take good pictures to some extent. Nicole z85mm f / 1.8s is such a lens with good optical performance, which can provide ideal effect for portrait shooting. < / P > < p > for portrait shooting, the ideal virtual effect is one of the effects pursued by many photographers. The lens gradually changes the degree of virtual from the focal plane, and uses the natural virtual background to effectively emphasize the shooting object, achieving an impressive depth of field effect. At the same time, in the shooting environment with a point light source in the background, the light source in the picture can be restored to a beautiful circle, with clear and profound color. At the same time, the sharp picture can also provide a good impression for portrait shooting works. From the center to the center of the image, the system can give full play to the advantages of Nicole’s image from the center of the image. However, glare and other problems may occur in the backlight shooting, which will have a great impact on our shooting. By using nanocrystalline coating, Nicol z85mm f / 1.8s can effectively suppress ghost and glare, and clearly capture the object behind the sun in the picture. And through the use of nanocrystalline coating and carefully considered optical design, ghost and glare can be effectively reduced. When shooting in backlight and other environments, clear images can also be obtained. The nanocrystalline coating has low reflectivity and can prevent reflection in a wider wavelength range and angle range. < / P > < p > if you are in need of a portrait lens, I believe that Nicole Z 85mm f / 1.8 s will not disappoint you. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year