New economy, new rules: 10 strategies of network economy to help you seize the opportunity to make money in the future

Ten years ago, we could not foresee that the Internet would affect all aspects of our lives and rewrite the development of the industry in the whole world. In one book, Kevin Kelly, the most famous prophet in Silicon Valley, predicted the success rules of the Internet. With the continuous development of science and technology, the old economic order has been rewritten. With the continuous rise of new Internet thinking such as Xiaomi company, only those companies with forward-looking vision can seize the opportunity and occupy a place in the new economic era.

there are three remarkable characteristics of the new economy: globalization, focus on intangible things, and closely connect with each other. The new economy makes the network go deep into every corner of our life. The basic laws of the soft world dominated by media and software will soon rule the hard world of the real material. The ten important principles of the new economic order described in the book are the basic principles of the new economic era. They are not only applicable to high-tech industries, but also to all industries and enterprises.

the logic of the new economy will be subject to the logic of the network, so understanding the operation mode of the network will help to understand the operation of the new economy. Network represents the future. With the development of science and technology, chips make the world more and more connected. The network economy relies on the huge power generated by the simple information linking into clusters. The most reliable way to promote the popularization of network connection is to develop the power of the grassroots people and to network and connect the most scattered bottom forces. To include all the world’s goods in the network, we need to make technology invisible, that is to let people get used to technology and develop products and services that will integrate with our lives. If the machine can not run in real time, it is not far away from the death time. In the network economy, only real-time data information is the most meaningful.

the network world has its own logic. With the increase of network users, the value of network economy will expand rapidly. This means that those who are in the lead at the beginning will lead step by step, while those who lose the opportunity will lose the overall situation. This can be seen in many Internet products today. Instead of monopolizing a product, it is better to find new business opportunities in the new technology network. Innovation is more important than price. Develop network effect, enhance network value, become the candidate of exponential growth. The development of network economy is flexible and rapid, which requires us to keep forward-looking. Only by constantly trying many things can we find more possibilities.

Author: zmhuaxia