New features of iPhone 12 are suddenly confirmed: new color matching + lightweight body

On October 1, there were two new news about the iPhone 12: the iPhone 12 was upgraded from four to five, and there were two new colors. The iPhone 12 series is exposed in three dimensions, which makes the body lighter and thinner, and the higher screen proportion brings more shocking visual experience. < / P > < p > according to the information leaked by a retailer, there are a total of iphone12mini, iphone12, iphone12max, iphone12pro and iphone12 Pro max. Among them, the iPhone 12 Mini provides five colors. In addition to four classic colors of black, white, yellow and red, it also adds blue and coral colors. The storage version is still 64GB. The other four iPhones are available only in black and white and silver, with the storage version starting at 128GB. In terms of chip, the whole system is equipped with A14 chip as standard, which denies the previous disclosure of residual blood version A14. < / P > < p > for this disclosure, Qi Ji’s thoughts and conjectures are as follows: will the iPhone 12mini be a 4G simplified version, focusing on the medium and low-end and 4G markets. In addition, the mini and colorful colors also prove that this is a special model. Just like the iPhone se, it will be released at a specific time. Will it be called iPhone Mini directly? If there are really five models, it means that the iPhone is about to start upgrading from three regular models to four regular models each year, which will further subdivide the market. Up to now, Qi Ji’s biggest expectation is that the screen size of the iPhone 12 is still 5.4 inches, but there are changes in 5g and hardware configuration. < / P > < p > the three circumference dimensions of the iPhone 12 series have been exposed. The most obvious change is that the thickness has been upgraded from 8.1 mm and 8.3 mm of the previous generation to 7.4 mm, which brings more comfortable grip. At the same time, the length and width of the body are greatly reduced: take the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 as an example, the length is shortened by 4.2 mm and the width is reduced by 6.1 mm while the screen remains unchanged. Compared with the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 pro, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is only 2.7 mm longer and 0.2 mm wider. Through the comparison of the three dimensions, Qi Ji believes that the appearance and screen share of the iPhone 12 will rise to a new height. < / P > < p > among the exposed sizes, Qi Ji’s favorite is the iPhone 12 Mini: 130.8 * 63.8 * 7.4 mm. Compared with the 4.7-inch iPhone 8, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini is 7.6 mm shorter in length, 3.5 mm in width and only 0.1 mm in thickness. Compared with Samsung S20, the strongest Android small screen flagship of 6.1 inch, it has obvious advantages in all aspects. It’s a bit of a bully in terms of screen size, but it’s the smallest Android flagship yet. In the case of no rollover, the 5.4 inch version will be Qi Ji’s first choice. < / P > < p > for the above two latest revelations, Qi Ji’s idea is like this: he hopes that 5.4 inch will become the regular updated model of iPhone, and officially become a member of the iPhone family under the name of iphone12. In other words, if the 5.4-inch version only has the iPhone 12 mini, it is unlikely to update the iPhone Mini Series in 2021. If there is a 5.4-inch version of the iPhone 12, we can still see the latest version of the 5.4-inch iPhone in 2021, which is the difference brought about by different naming methods. For the iPhone 12 series, which is your favorite, regardless of budget? Qi Ji’s choice is 5.4 inch + 5g version. This is Qi Ji’s idea. Code word original is not easy, like remember to pay attention to Qi Ji’s idea, also can like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to chat. The picture comes from the network! ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia