New functions of wechat circle of friends, these people will not let you “dilemma”

After the IOS version of wechat circle of friends has been upgraded to the latest level, it can delete the comments given by others in the circle of friends. Undoubtedly, it has taught you a better way to deal with such matters. < / P > < p > of course, after deleting this comment, we can open it ourselves, and the word “the original comment has been deleted” will be displayed in the original comment position, but the other party will not receive any message. < / P > < p > some people, when they don’t pay attention, say “Amazing Secrets” under other people’s circle of friends. Among them, some people don’t like to take it on the table, and some are “insightful opinions” about words or photos. It’s just, whatever it is, it’s going to put us on pins and needles. < / P > < p > the former, whether it is the secrets of ourselves or others, will bring us a lot of trouble. The latter, sometimes looking at it will make you feel very uncomfortable. This is because not everyone in our circle of friends knows about themselves or the people around them. < / P > < p > therefore, when someone “makes trouble” in our circle of friends, we can choose to delete their comments, which can also be regarded as “patting” the person, so as to save face for each other. < / P > < p > there are also some people, some are “plastic” friendship, some have to maintain the interpersonal relationship, but they are in other people’s circle of friends, never polite. < / P > < p > even if sometimes you send some photos and mood words, they will be seriously “trampled” and belittled by them to set off their “greatness”. Such a person may also be among the wechat friends who have intersection with each other, and there are people he deliberately wants to show. < / P > < p > of course, we can’t control other people’s performance. As long as it doesn’t affect us, what’s the matter? However, if they are in our circle of friends and rely on “pulling and trampling” us to improve themselves, they will have to dismiss them in the comments. < / P > < p > there are some people who want to keep a trace of “maintenance” when we no longer contact. However, if he made a sudden comment under our circle of friends, it would not only set off a big ripple in his heart, but also probably disrupt our peaceful and beautiful life. The comments of people like < / P > < p > should be kept. Even if they don’t want to read them, they may have to read them again every time they click on the new comments after they are commented on again. Moreover, other commentators may also see it, thus causing unnecessary trouble for themselves. < / P > < p > in the past, we could only choose to delete such people on impulse, but now we can selectively leave a bit of “decency” for each other and ourselves. < / P > < p > the reason why they are called “water army” is that they all express themselves, praise their beauty and say they like it. Of course, these are her opposite sex wechat friends. He was also distressed by these comments. < p > < p > because of these people, she doesn’t like them at all, and she has already made a good boyfriend, but these people are still under her circle of friends and will not stop. When she complains to the person these, also can let the person have to send out the voice topic exclamation, beautiful is very good. < / P > < p > when she is in a good mood, she will occasionally reply politely. When she is in a bad mood, if she looks at these people, she will have an impulse to catch all these words and hit each other’s face one by one. < / P > < p > it can be said that this new function of wechat circle of friends is a very practical move for us. We can finally opt out of the comments that have left us in a dilemma. In addition, the words “the original comment has been deleted” after deletion can only be seen by yourself, but not by others. It is also in their own heart, left the traces of that person “here a tour”. < / P > < p > in this way, we can properly maintain the “peace” of the circle of friends, give those “restless” friends a gentle “knock”, and it can also save face for the other party. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing