New infrastructure drives government cloud to usher in new development opportunities

“As a new driving force for China’s economic recovery, the” new infrastructure “will provide better opportunities and support for the development of smart cities.” Recently, Zhang Xiaohui, assistant president of Shuguang cloud computing group and general manager of cloud service product architecture department, said that government cloud is an important infrastructure of smart city informatization system, and driven by new infrastructure policy The government cloud will usher in new challenges and development opportunities. At present, government cloud is becoming the key infrastructure of digital city construction and the core of digital smart city. Take the epidemic prevention and control as an example. During the epidemic period, Dawning provided a series of government cloud services such as tracking key groups for local governments in many urban government cloud data centers, and played a key role. This shows that the government cloud, which can further tap the data value and provide more refined cloud services, will usher in greater development space in the future. < p > < p > previously released by CCID consultants, under the dual influence of the new infrastructure and epidemic situation, the average annual compound growth rate of China’s Government cloud market will be close to 18% in the next three years, and the scale of China’s Government cloud market will reach 79.42 billion yuan in 2020. < p > < p > Zhang Xiaohui said that after nearly 10 years of development, the government cloud has changed from simply providing virtualization resources to providing comprehensive service support for business. At present, more than 90% of cities and even counties in China have government cloud support. In the future, relevant departments will expand more in-depth data services on the government cloud platform. In this process, the government cloud also faces the stage from “quantity growth” to “quality improvement”. In the future, the government cloud market will be more mature and rational, and the market competition will be more transparent and fair. However, at the same time, Zhang Xiaohui said that under the new situation, the government cloud is still facing three major pain points: how to further explore the data value, how to fine manage the cloud business, and how to improve the use quality. In the context of the “new infrastructure” policy, combined with these pain points, government cloud will usher in a rare development opportunity in the construction of smart city. It is understood that in 2009, China Science and technology Shuguang launched urban cloud and government cloud related business, and dawning proposed dawning city cloud integrated solutions and related products, and defined it as urban cloud brain. The strategy of Dawning city cloud brain is to construct the urban cloud system from six aspects around the overall platform of Dawning city cloud. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction