New machine after college entrance examination? Huawei enjoy 20 pro to give you a new experience

[pconline random talk] the annual college entrance examination is over. In the next week, all the places will put on the list one after another. First of all, I wish that this year’s college entrance examination candidates can be admitted to their favorite university! After the college entrance examination, it’s time to change a new 5g mobile phone! Facing the vast sea of aircraft, if you are not sure, you may as well come to Kangkang Huawei to enjoy 20 pro.

3. Equipped with rear full scene three camera, it has 48 million pixels f / 1.8 aperture main camera, 8 million pixel f / 2.4 aperture 120 ° ultra wide angle lens and virtual camera, 2 million pixel f / 2.4 aperture 4cm macro camera.

Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro adopts dual-mode six band 5g. Dual mode refers to NSA / SA two 5g network modes. At present, most domestic 5g networks are NSA networks. In the future, more SA networks will be put into use. In other words, Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro can not only meet the current 5g network requirements, but also meet the future 5g network requirements.

Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro also adopts advanced integrated modem design, 5g full scene smart antenna technology, 1t4r rotation technology, smart antenna switching + intelligent tuning technology. These “black technologies” can enable you to enjoy faster network speed and more stable signal when using Changxing 20 pro. For example, in the elevator, underground parking lot, high-speed rail and so on, there is a smoother network than other people’s mobile phones; and when playing games, the signal will not suddenly weaken because of holding the mobile phone with both hands.

in general, in terms of 5g network, Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro is the best in the same price range. If you want to buy a new mobile phone with excellent 5g network, it is the best choice.

more importantly, Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro screen also supports 90hz refresh rate + 180hz touch sampling rate, which is a super popular screen technology this year, and higher refresh rate can make the screen look smoother and smoother.

when it comes to Huawei mobile phones, most people can think of its powerful image strength. Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro introduces a post full scene three camera system, which consists of a 48 megapixel high pixel main camera, an ultra wide angle + depth of field camera and a macro camera.

Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro is equipped with 5g SOC chip with 7Nm process, and adopts 4 × A76 2.0GHz + 4 × a552.0ghz, eight core CPU architecture with large and small cores, powerful performance, and easy to deal with various large-scale games.

for students who are about to enter the University, Huawei’s 20 Pro can bring new experience to the new semester and help university life. With powerful 5g network, full scene shooting ability, high refresh rate screen and long battery life, Huawei enjoys 20 pro, which is your dish.

Author: zmhuaxia