New machine or chip replacement, will x10pro still come?

As we all know, this year’s Huawei glory mobile phone’s performance in product strength is not as strong as last year’s, and I feel that the direction has changed. In the past, it often focused on the cost-effective direction, but now it has begun to impact the high-end flagship market.

and now the positioning gap of glory mobile phones is very big. The top configuration of a product directly impacts the high-end market, but the low-end configuration comes to the middle-end market. It can be seen how exaggerated the span between products is.

and now the development speed of glory mobile phones has become much slower. Recently, it’s hard to see the news of glory mobile phones. Maybe this has a lot to do with the chip outage.

Huawei is now short of core. There are many secrets in the industry. Most netizens know that Huawei, under further pressure, is not only unable to design, develop and manufacture chips on its own, but also prohibit the outsourcing of third-party chips.

I thought Huawei would not encounter chip problems this year. After all, in the first half of the year, Huawei also announced the Kirin 820, Kirin 985 and Kirin 990 chips, but now they are in a tight situation. It’s really unpredictable.

the most important thing is that when the chip encountered a problem, the news about the chip mobile phone began to be exposed. It can be said that the chip of some models began to change.

according to the information disclosed in the market, a new Huawei machine code named Franklin originally used Kirin 820 processor, but now it has been replaced by MediaTek Tianji’s medium and low-end 5g chips.

the strength of Kirin 820 processor is obvious to all. Although the performance of MediaTek processor in hardware this year is also very strong, there is still a certain gap compared with Kirin chip.

but fortunately, MediaTek recently announced a new chip of Tianji 800u. Although the specific performance is not known, it should be more powerful than Tianji 800.

in fact, this machine named “Franklin” can be said to have twists and turns in the process. In June, we saw that the engineering machine was Kirin version, and the relevant tests were basically completed, and it was ready to go on the market.

now we have replaced the chips of MediaTek and polished them again. It seems that the old chips will soon be used up. I wonder if we can see the models carrying Kirin chips in glory mobile phones in the follow-up market.

in addition, since the release of glory X10, many users are looking forward to the release of glory 10 pro. After all, glory X10 is very successful, so the expectation of glory X10 Pro is not low.

but it’s a pity that there is not too much information about the glory x10pro in the market at present. Although there are many news that Franklin’s new machine is the glory x10pro at the beginning, there is no basis.

However, there are also reports that glory x10pro will hit the middle end market, or will carry Kirin 985 processor to compete with glory 30 and Huawei nova7.

but we have to state that these are all in the exposure of information. At present, the official has not really set the price, so please refer to the official for the specific information.

to tell you the truth, glory x10pro has been waiting for a long time. I thought Huawei glory would release this new machine, but now it looks like there is no hope. At the same time, with the decrease of Kirin chips, the expectation of glory x10pro is also lower.

let’s assume that if glory x10pro is launched with a MediaTek processor, then mobile phone users will not support Kirin chips as well.

Based on the exposure information, do you think glory x10pro will come again? At the same time, what’s your opinion on changing Kirin chip model to MediaTek chip? Welcome to reply to the discussion. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine