New media data observation of lottery industry (issue 2020007)


public welfare times China lottery net released the seventh issue of the “new lottery media ranking” today, which is composed of the service numbers and subscription numbers of various welfare centers, lottery centers and the monthly numbers of public official account. The monitoring time of this list is July 1, 2020 -2020 July 31st of July 1, 2020.

this list will be updated monthly and released in the “public welfare lottery”, “public welfare times China lottery” WeChat public number, the official account China lottery network, new website and WeChat official account.

official account for the seventh phase of 2020, 12 of the top 20 lottery numbers were listed on the list. Among them, the lottery lottery was ranked first in 3 million 550 thousand with the number of 3 million 550 thousand readings. The Jiangsu lottery and Shandong welfare lottery center followed by fourth to fifth. < / P > < p > Fucai double color ball ranked the first in the general list of the previous issue, and this issue has been ranked the first, with a total of 3.55 million times of reading. In July, 117 articles were published in 24 days, including more than 2.06 million times of headline articles, accounting for 58.02% of the total. < / P > < p > the sports color Super Lotto ranked the second in the total list of the previous issue, and remained unchanged in this issue, with a total of 2330000 readings. In July, 87 articles were published in 31 days, of which the number of top articles read exceeded 1.82 million times, accounting for 78.11% of the total number of reading. < p > < p > in the list of articles read in July, there were 17 articles about 100000 + news on the list, including 16 articles on lucky lottery and 1 article on Guangdong fortune lottery. Compared with conventional weighting, the “lottery index” algorithm has four advantages: 1. It not only displays the absolute performance, but also reflects the position; 2. After standardization, the indicators of different dimensions can be compared with each other; 3. The indicators can be calculated with each other, so as to obtain the lottery index of various dimensions; 4. It can not only be used for the comparison between users, but also can be used for the comparison between users Cross period comparison of users themselves. Older posts →