New news: Huawei makes efforts in F5G, TSMC makes the second step, and Huawei’s senior executives declare their domestic 5g!

First of all, what is F5G technology? F5G is the fifth generation fixed network technology, also known as F5G all-optical network. Similar to 5g, 5g is a network in the sky and F5G is a network in the “ground”. According to market news, Huawei will focus on the four business scenarios of “industrial optical network, all-optical bearer, all-optical data center and all-optical Park”, and jointly release the “Starlight plan” with industrial partners, and invest 2.5 billion yuan in five years to develop the optical industry ecology. All of these strategies happened in the F5G era Huawei optical network flagship product launch. If 5g is suitable for mobility and multi connection scenarios, then F5G is suitable for fixed, large bandwidth, low latency and high security scenarios. The specific presentation depends on Huawei’s subsequent efforts. < / P > < p > the second is the news from TSMC. It is obvious to all that TSMC is very powerful. Therefore, TSMC has a lot of good news. First, the capacity of advanced process in the second half of the year is fully loaded, driving the demand for silicon wafers and photoresists. Then there are chip manufacturers, including TSMC and Lianhua electronics, which have raised their manufacturing quotations for 8-inch wafers by 10% to 20%. It can be said that TSMC is going to “double its mark” this time, and the birth of these two news means that only TSMC can mass produce chips with advanced processes such as 5nm on a large scale, resulting in the concentration of its orders and almost monopolizing the market. It can be said that TSMC’s strength in the science and technology market has become more and more powerful. The most important thing is that in terms of advanced technology of 3nm and 2nm, TSMC still takes the lead and is expected to mass produce 3nm chips in 2022. < p > < p > finally, there is the news about the development of 5g in China by Yang Chaobin, a senior executive of Huawei. First, he said that 5g as an emerging infrastructure has become a global consensus. At present, countries all over the world are speeding up the investment and construction of 5g. This is also obvious to all. 5g has indeed become the focus of development. Who can take the lead in completing the construction of 5g represents the next development meeting It’s going well. Moreover, Yang Chaobin also highlighted that it is expected that by the end of this year, China’s 5g base stations will be able to build 800000, and the number of users will reach more than 200 million, both of which will account for more than 70% of the world. The most important thing is that some time ago, more than 400000 5g base stations have been built and opened by three telecom enterprises in China, while the number of users connected to 5g network has reached 66 million, and the data is still increasing month by month. In any case, Huawei executives expressed that 5g in China has become a global leader! Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year