New news: TSMC said no to Huawei, ASML ushered in bad news, Huawei ushered in a new choice

There are three new news in the recent technology market. They are TSMC saying no to Huawei, ASML has bad news, and Huawei has a new choice. First of all, as soon as the news of stepping down the power generation company, as it could not continue to manufacture chips for Huawei after September 14, it also failed to obtain new orders from Huawei after May 15. Moreover, according to foreign media, about 90% of the 150000 5nm chips that TSMC expects to ship in the fourth quarter are orders from apple. But when it comes to the issue of whether it will supply goods to China in the fourth quarter, Wei Zhe family gives the most resolute attitude: “no”. It seems that Huawei has nothing to do with this time. At least in the fourth quarter of this year, TSMC will not have any intersection with Huawei. This is really a pity. < p > < p > then there is the news about ASML, that is, ASMC technology manufacturers. Due to some external factors, Qualcomm, Samsung, TSMC and MediaTek are under great pressure, even amsl manufacturers are the same. According to the news from abroad, the market value of ASML has evaporated by 50 billion yuan in only two days. In this case, amsl said that it would accelerate the layout of its domestic market Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to sell Dua lithography machines to domestic manufacturers. We should know that the reason why ASML has such a problem is that the inventory of major chip companies under the U.S. rules is serious, and the lithography products can not be sold. The main business of ASML is the production and sales of lithography machines, so this situation will happen. < / P > < p > the last news is from Huawei. Huawei has a lot of pressure on chips. There are only two ways to break the situation. The first way to break the situation is to build its own chip production line, which is also the most once and for all solution. The second rule to break the situation is to look for OEM enterprises in the mainland. Until recently, a third solution may have arrived. First, Huawei obtained a batch of chips from MediaTek and TSMC before September 15. According to the estimation of relevant analysts, these chips can support Huawei’s consumption in the next two years. Then SMIC has completed the first chip assembly and test based on FinFET n + 1 advanced technology. In this test, all IP is made in China, and ASML EUV lithography machine is not used, so this is likely to be a new choice for Huawei. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!