New outlet and new demand: Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 leads industry innovation again

As the first year of folding mobile phones, Samsung’s first folding mobile phone, Galaxy fold, officially opens the curtain of Samsung’s folding mobile phone. The new folding concept will lead the innovation of mobile phones in the next decade. < / P > < p > both consumers and the market place high hopes on folding screens. Because the screen of the mobile phone is getting larger and the user’s pocket is getting smaller, there is a contradiction between the overall size of the mobile phone and the portability. Although there are solutions such as ultra narrow border and curved screen, it seems that the mobile phone screen over 6 inches has become a bottleneck. After the concept of folding came out, various mobile phone manufacturers rushed to launch folding screen mobile phones. In addition to showing strength and establishing image, it was more of a trial of the market. But there are few people who really stick to it and put it into practice. From galaxy fold to Galaxy Z flip, and to today’s Galaxy Z fold2, the update iteration reflects Samsung’s strong strength in technological innovation such as screen, hardware and design. < / P > < p > the external screen of Samsung Galaxy zfold2 has been upgraded from 4.6 inch to 6.2 inch. When I started the first generation product before, I thought that the 4.6 inch small screen was not practical. Samsung’s mobile phone has been changed to 6.2-inch in response to consumers’ demand. When using the external screen, the efficiency / vision of the galaxy zfold2 is the same as that of a 6.2-inch smart phone. After being opened like a book, it turns into a 7.6-inch screen, and the display area is 13.5% larger than that of the first generation. In addition, the inside and outside screens of Galaxy Z fold2 adopt full view perforated screen, which has a more extreme full screen visual effect. < / P > < p > folding screen, also known as flexible screen, is difficult because it is thinner and softer. It is inherently more fragile than traditional mobile phone screen. It is a multi-layer structure design. It will be stressed when folding. The most vulnerable film should be placed in the neutral layer through material selection and thickness adjustment to ensure the display function. This is the most difficult part of mobile phone design. < / P > < p > this time, the Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 uses an ultra-thin flexible glass screen, which is foldable, flexible, smooth and uniform, and can be folded more than 200000 times in durability. And what’s amazing is that this screen also has an ultra-high refresh rate of 120Hz, with smooth flexibility. Without the disruptive technology of Samsung screen, it may be just on paper to achieve a good experience of folding screen. The key to the success or failure of folding screen lies in the design and technology of hinge. On the galaxy Z fold2, the hinge structure design is further improved and upgraded, which can realize multi angle rotation stop and unlock more possibilities. In addition, the new invisible hinge, seamless fit, prevent dust and other particles into the gap, the fuselage integration degree is higher, opening and closing more freely. < / P > < p > with the development of technology, Samsung has made folding screen from the past concept product to mass production. Even if the road of “folding” is full of twists and turns, it is undeniable that, whether it is Galaxy Z flip or the new Galaxy Z fold2, Samsung is trying to use the latest technology to push forward the innovation of smart phones and set a new benchmark for the industry. At the same time, 5g era has also begun. Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold2 folding phone embraces 5g, opening up unlimited possibilities for exploring the application of folding screen. Some people say that “folding screen mobile phone + 5g” is like a gold mine that has not been developed yet. All the participants in the industrial chain are eager to try to seize the opportunity and find the best interests in it, but this process also needs to pay great efforts. Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 is the integrator of the industrial supply chain, and will ride the storm and forge ahead in the era of 5g. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year