New patent exposure Samsung ar glasses shape design

A new patent applied by Samsung divulges the design of AR glasses to be launched by the company. At present, the patent has been submitted to the Korea Intellectual Property Office. Samsung will describe it as a “head mounted device” in the description.

according to the patent image, the glasses are equipped with a thick frame that may accommodate a variety of components, such as processors, memory, Wi Fi transceivers, or cellular connections. Unfortunately, the patent documents do not reveal any technical aspects of the device, only show the design. While the device may rely heavily on paired smartphones, as a generation it will still need its own processing power and sensors. However, glasses may also become independent devices in the future.

it is speculated that this thicker framework may encapsulate the main processor, ram and Wi Fi transceivers, as well as cellular connectivity chips. There is also a strip above the lens, which is expected to be fitted with dual front cameras and other sensors.

according to the patent documents, the glasses equipment will have a metal structure and a synthetic finish. However, the patent does not specify any technical specifications for the upcoming Samsung ar glasses. This may indicate that it is still some time before Samsung brings the device to market.

in the past few years, Samsung has been working on various AR and VR technologies. The company’s AR and VR projects include an AR glasses. It demonstrated ar glasses in the CES 2020 keynote speech in January. A patent document discovered a few months later revealed how its ar glasses improve the navigation experience while driving. According to the documents accompanying the patent, the system can include two cameras. The external camera will read the external environment, while the internal camera will analyze the driver’s status.

the idea is to cover the entire navigation information and logo directly on the lens in front of the driver. Although there are already head up displays that display navigation information on the windshield, Samsung’s ar glasses can make the experience more immersive and realistic.

Samsung’s also provides other functions in the patent. One of the possible features mentioned in the patent includes the ability to view gas stations through a lens and to see specific gasoline prices. Drivers can also look around for other information, such as exit ramps, attractions, etc. However, Samsung develops a variety of technologies every year, but not all of them can eventually be used in real-life products. Therefore, it is not known whether Samsung’s ar glasses will be the patented appearance. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia