New product launch in new product launch strategy

What should I do if I have developed a product or product prototype and want to put this product on the market or to predict the sales situation in the future market? This is the problem that new products often encounter before they come into the market.

including macro-economic environment and micro industry environment. As a macroeconomic environment, it includes economy, politics, culture, population and so on. Micro industry environment includes industry policy, barriers, competition, upstream and downstream resources, logistics and terminal environment. Century blueprint industry research experts can quickly understand the macro situation and the relevant information of various industries, and solve many seemingly complex problems for users.

for a new product, what businesses pay most attention to is the future user characteristics of the product and how large the potential user group will be.

the process of designing a new product marketing plan is actually a process of constantly looking at the market from different perspectives and selecting one or several market segments, that is, the process of re segmenting the market. Therefore, re segmentation of the market is one of the keys to promote new products. The market is still the original market, so how can we find a new angle to look at the market? First of all, qualitative research is to explore the perspective of users on different products, potential psychological motivation, etc., so as to prepare for quantitative research; secondly, through quantitative research, the market size of different regions and the acceptance degree of different groups for new products are quantitatively analyzed, so as to achieve the purpose of determining the target user group. For market segmentation and positioning methods and research models, please refer to the relevant manuals of century blueprint.

after systematic quantitative analysis of the characteristics of target groups under different regions, the process is actually to define the characteristics of target users, analyze their purchase of products, and then estimate the market volume. Please refer to century blueprint market volume prediction model for specific market volume prediction and target population characteristics analysis technology.

if the product or product model of the merchant has been produced, the product test can be carried out; if the product has not come out, the concept test can be carried out. The purpose is to understand the target users’ acceptance of new products or concepts, and estimate the future market volume.

there are a variety of price research methods. There are three methods of price sensitivity, such as bpto, bpto, bpto and so on.

generally speaking, pricing strategy focuses on the price range. In fact, in price research, if the PSM method is used, it is not only concerned about the price range, but also the potential users under different price ranges. If the price range is not supported by enough users, then the price is difficult to be established. For example, if the price of color TV plasma color TV is more than 30000 yuan, the number of users is relatively limited; if the price is 10000 yuan, the number of users will increase greatly. In the same way, when using the combination analysis of writer’s individual test, we should not only focus on the price, but also analyze the price under different product conditions. For example, color TV has the function of picture in picture, karaoke function, headset function, electronic lock function, etc., and the prices under different function combinations will be different, so as to study the price range.

packaging is the face of a product. The purpose of packaging is to make users firm their confidence in purchasing at the last moment of making a purchase decision. At the same time, packaging is the face of enterprise image, which shows the culture and philosophy of product manufacturers.

However, with more and more careful market segmentation and higher degree of marketization, the function of packaging has far exceeded the existing expectations, and the packaging has moved towards new purposes such as appreciation and entertainment. Therefore, packaging testing is becoming more and more important and difficult.

after developing the product through the previous steps, the product is put into the market for inspection. For each product, there are always steps to launch. First of all, find a small range of market for a period of time, with the support of appropriate promotion, observe the response of the market. This market is the test market.

testing market is not only to test products and marketing programs, but also to observe the characteristics of early users of products and their reactions in use. For the research on early user tracking in test market, please refer to the relevant technical manual of century blueprint.

Author: zmhuaxia