New products of science and technology: Marshall convenient speaker, Emerton; ASUS new generation Rog game phone; integrated AI smart camera

The column “science and technology new product trends” brings fresh and representative scientific products to your eyes, involving consumer electronics, semiconductors, servers, smart home appliances and many other categories. It provides pictures and simple text introduction. < / P > < p > rock legend brand Marshall released portable audio; ASUS new generation Rog game phone 3 obtained TUV Rhine low blue light eye protection certification; Xiaoyan technology released peacock dimmer; ultramicro computer launched a new generation of top loading storage system; global leader of machine vision industry, viewworks launched the latest linear array camera; Linghua technology released a new generation of AI smart camera; Doosan robot The latest six new types of collaborative robots expand the innovative collaboration robot portfolio. < / P > < p > the legendary rock and roll brand Marshall family speaker series has added the new Emberton convenient speaker. Emberton is the most compact speaker in Marshall’s portable speaker series. It is equipped with Marshall’s unique stereo technology to create 360 degree surround sound effect, so that every note can be used for the best immersive music experience. Emberton can last more than 20 hours in a single charge, and it can be quickly charged. It can last 5 hours after 20 minutes of charging. < / P > < p > silicone shell with metal mesh design makes Emberton extremely robust and easy to use. It weighs only 700 grams and is compact. In addition, ipx7 waterproof rating means that you can immerse Emberton in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. < p > < p > ASUS held an online new product launch, Rog 2020 game changer, introduced the new generation of Rog game phone 3, which is the first game phone that has passed the latest hardware level low blue light eye protection certification of German TUV group 2020. Equipped with the mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus 5g, AMOLED 6.59 “display screen and exclusive gamecool 3 cooling system, the Rog game phone 3 will bring players a long-term game and play an extremely effective entertainment experience. < p > < p > Xiaoyan technology has released a new homekit, peacock dimmer. The peacock dimmer adopts the design of separate dimming controller and power supply. It can flexibly match the common LED lamps and power supply of different powers, and provide the functions of adjusting color, color temperature and light shade for different types of lamps such as chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, spotlight, downlight and light belt. Instead of the traditional controller, dial switch is needed, which greatly simplifies the installation process; at the same time, it avoids the accident of lamp damage during the installation process. < / P > < p > super micro computer, Inc. is expanding its market proven ultra dense storage solution by announcing new 60 Bay and 90 Bay solutions. These state-of-the-art mass storage and expansion systems are optimized for cloud storage implementation and HPC storage applications. Both 60 Bay and 90 Bay systems are available in single node and dual node configurations, where hard disks are evenly distributed between each node. In the maximum configuration, the system supports 1440 TB of cost optimized storage. < / P > < p > viewworks, the global leader in machine vision industry, launched the latest 16K hybrid TDI linear array camera vt-16k5x-h300. Vt-16k5x-h300 has become the solution of high-speed machine vision imaging system with the line frequency up to 300kHz. The vt-16k5x-h300 has up to 256 lines, providing a better solution than scanning objects multiple times. Since the sensor resolution is equal to the number of pixels in the line multiplied by the number of lines, the vt-16k5x-h300 increases the sensitivity by 256 times. With the increase of line frequency and sensitivity, vt-16k5x-h300 is expected to meet the increasing demand for high-performance cameras in flat panel display detection, wafer inspection, printed circuit board inspection and high-performance document scanning. Linghua technology, a provider of edge computing solutions for mechanical automation < / P > < p > released the new AI intelligent camera neon-2000-jt2 series, making it easier to deploy machine vision for factory automation based on AI. The smart camera supports NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI module, adopts integrated design, small size and pre installed visual software package, which can effectively reduce the complexity of AI machine vision application development and integration. Neon-2000-jt2 helps to improve the production efficiency of labor-intensive manufacturing industries, such as food and beverage, packaged consumer goods, farming and agriculture, in which quality assurance and testing are essential for successful production. < / P > < p > Doosan robotics has launched six new types of cooperative robots, including four A-Series robots and two H-series robots, further expanding the company’s innovative cooperative robot portfolio. The a series is composed of four robots, a0509, a0509s, a0912 and a0912s. It achieves the best speed and economy in the industry, and the load range is from 5kg to 9kg. A series of collaborative robots can provide the versatility required for many applications such as polishing and assembly. < p > < p > the H series has a working range of 1.7 meters and a load of up to 25 kg. It is the largest cooperative robot on the market. The H-series high-power robots include h2017 and h2515, weighing only 75 kg, which is half of that of other cooperative robots with the same load. Equipped with six torque sensors on all six axles, the H-series provides the sensitivity and flexibility they need for a variety of applications, especially logistics and automotive applications. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia