New regulation: what are the new changes of GB 51348-2019?

Compared with the original JGJ 16-2008, the newly compiled GB 51348-2019 has great changes in architecture and main technical contents. < / P > < p > 2) in the text of Chapter 3 load classification, the following words are deleted: “in the first level load, when the power supply is interrupted, poisoning, explosion and fire will occur , should be particularly important load “. In Chapter 10 of the original code, section 10.8 “lighting design requirements for various buildings” is deleted, and its contents have been included in relevant electrical design specifications. In Chapter 13 of the original specification, section 13.2 system protection object classification and alarm, division of detection area and requirements for special topic study and demonstration shall be organized in the design of automatic fire alarm system for civil buildings with building height over 250m. < p > < p > 8) section 15.8 power supply, lightning protection and grounding is deleted in Chapter 15 of the original specification, and its contents are moved to Chapter 23 intelligent system room of this specification. In Chapter 16 of the original specification, the provisions on classification of broadcasting system and mixing transmission of FM broadcasting and CATV signals are deleted; the provisions of classification of sound reinforcement system, acoustic characteristic index of sound reinforcement system and frequency division control mode of loudspeaker system are deleted. < p > < p > 10) section 18.15 energy saving design of building equipment monitoring system in the original code is deleted, and this content is moved into Chapter 24 related to building electrical energy saving. < / P > < p > 12) delete the system power supply, lighting, lightning protection, grounding and other provisions in each section of Chapter 20, and unify them in Chapter 23 intelligent system room. In Chapter 6, the content of 10kV self provided diesel generator set is added, and the regulation that the diesel generator room is set on the roof of buildings is added. It is allowed that the generator set can be set on the roof of the building or the skirt roof of the super high-rise building. In Chapter 7, the content of low-voltage distribution system of super high-rise civil buildings is added; the relevant provisions on the setting of residual current protector; and the relevant provisions of setting arc fault protection apparatus for distribution lines are added. Section 9.7 AC charging pile and section 9.8 other electrical equipment are added in Chapter 9. < / P > < p > 11) Chapter 12 added that the grounding of AC electrical devices should meet the operation requirements of power system and ensure the safety of personnel and electrical devices in case of failure. It is pointed out that the most basic requirement of safe electricity utilization is to ensure the normal operation of power system and personal safety. < p > < p > 12) in Chapter 13, the location requirements of main fire control room and sub fire control room, the control function requirements of each and each other are added; the recommended setting position of fire power supply monitoring points is given; section 13.9 “selection of non fire load cable and communication cable” is added to clarify the requirements of corresponding combustion performance grade for non fire load cable. In section 17.2 of Chapter 17, the contents of elevator multi-party call system and public help call signal system are added. < / P > < p > 1) the load classification in Chapter 3 of the original code has been greatly modified, supplemented and improved, and the load classification of different types of buildings such as residential buildings, office buildings and traffic buildings has been added, and the fire load classification of different types of buildings such as high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings, theatres, stadiums and traffic buildings is supplemented. < / P > < p > 2) section 9.5 automatic door and electric rolling shutter door in the original specification is changed to 9.4 automatic revolving door and electric door, electric rolling shutter door, electric telescopic door and window. < / P > < p > 3) the downlead, special downlead and special downlead of lightning protection device in Chapter 11 of the original specification are distinguished and corresponding requirements are made; the calculation formula of the minimum interval distance between lightning protection downlead and metal objects or lines is revised; the material and minimum section requirements of lightning protection device are revised; and the over-current protection device installed on the line of surge protector and its performance are revised Corresponding requirements are added. < p > < p > 6) in the original specification, section 14.7 of Chapter 14 of the original specification is changed into a visitor intercom system; section 14.10 linkage control and system integration is changed into an integrated security management system, which makes the whole chapter more complete and accurate. < / P > < p > 7) the broadcasting, sound reinforcement and conference system in Chapter 16 of the original specification is changed into public broadcasting and hall sound reinforcement system; section 16.3 sound reinforcement system is changed into hall sound reinforcement system. < / P > < p > 10) the electronic information equipment room in Chapter 23 of the original specification is changed to intelligent system room, and the scope of application is reduced to the design of various intelligent system equipment room, monitoring room, management room, incoming line room, weak current room, etc. 865 optimization is different? 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